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VenusInFurs avatar 5:51 AM on 08.10.2011  (server time)
Gamers are going crazy

You know whats lame? This review is lame. I found the ign review to be much more helpful and most reviews by ign are horrible. All u do is bash about how bad the game is. It clearly didn't suit your tastes for a srpg but that doesn't mean that you should go on just bashing about how bad the game is. Have you even played any srpg games b4 this one? if you have how do they compare to this one? If not then you shouldnt have got the game in the first place.dont put up reviews if u dunno how 2 do one

- Youtube comment on a negative review for Record of Agarest War.

Iíve been quiet on this subject for some time, but reading reviews for Catherine, Record of Agarest War, and many other ďnicheĒ games has got me thinking: gamers like to feel different and superior. Now, I donít want to give the impression that all gamers are like this. For instance, I find the Destructoid community pretty open minded about games of various genres and consoles, but reading comments on virtually every gaming site (including Amazon) are really hitting a nerve with me. Now, what the hell am I talking about specifically? Well, my friends, I will present you with an excerpt of a response to a negative review for Record of Agarest War on Amazon that inspired this blog post:

Games today are not as experimental and creative as they used to be; now the game market is flooded with those cheap first-person shooter games with the same agonizing Star Wars/Lord of the Rings style soundtrack with the same trumpets, and choir style that has absolutely been overused in many games over, and over again, and back in the 1990's, and it is wonderful to see that this recent game has at least stepped out of today's trend, ridding all of those unnecessary Star Wars/Lord of the Rings style soundtracks ÖThis game was made in Japan, NOT the United States with all of those bland, rather unfitting English American voice acting that are supposed to be on games made in the United States such as the Call of Duty, Mass Effect, and Halo game series; so your review is rather plain, bland, and rather pointless.

Iím pretty sure weíve all read comments like this before. Gamers longing for the good olídays of yore: a time when developers took risks and games were better madeÖ Iím sorry, but I fail to understand this point of view. What is there to hate about this generation of gaming? We live in an age where a small studio can get their games out to the public through digital distribution. We live in age where creativity is bursting out in an extraordinary rate. We live in an age where developers are taking games as a serious art form. We live an age where gaming in general is getting the respect it deserves. As an Xbox 360 owner I have a wealth of different genres to choose from. Want a fantasy western RPG? We got it! Want a JRPG? We got it! Want a FPS? We got it! Want something strange and different? We got it! The same can also be said about the PS3 and to a certain extent the Wii. I fail to see what is so discomforting about this generation of gaming. Are people complaining just to complain? Or do they truly believe what they're saying. If, so, I pity them.

Catherine, this so called ďnicheĒ game, recently came out to critical acclaim and great sales, but the masses still champion this game as something the minority will only like. Now, letís not get out of hand here -- Catherine will not see Call of Duty like numbers, but itís safe to say the game is a financial and critical success. Numbers and reviews aside, gamers are divided about the game. Most people either love it or hate. I personally think the game is good, but nothing special. I express this opinion in a form of a comment on a youtube video and received this PM minutes later:

This game is a masterpiece! Itís a work of art! How can you think the puzzles get boring and the story is not good? Ha! Iím pretty sure you donít like the story because you donít have personal exprence with the subject in hand, and youíre probably too stupid to understand the puzzles. Go play Call of Duty or Halo. You probably wanted porn. Leave the real games to the real gamers. Youíre what is wrong with the game industry. We must love and embrace games like this because itís different. Too bad most people wonít play this game

Besides insulting me; this user assumed the game is some type of underground cult classic -- which itís not. I learned on Twitter that my friend from school, a casual female gamer (I use the word ďgamerĒ loosely) purchased the game a week ago. This casual gamer, who hasnít bought a game in a year, bought this underground ďnicheĒ game as her first title since Halo 3. Actually, I learned many of my friends, who are not ďhardcoreĒ gamers, bought the game as well, not because of its suggestive advertisement, but for the premise. This user also assumed I like to play Fist Person Shooters -- Iím sorry to break it to him or her, but I donít. Even if I did, is that a problem? Is that suppose to be an insult? I Like a genre you don't, so it's only fitting to insult me? Such a boring and typical response.

Another example of this is the hate comments Jeff Gerstmann received for his 2 star review of Catherine. Users called him an idiot and mainstream lover for not liking the game and calling his review unprofessional because he shouldnít voice his opinion in a review; it's suppose to be "subjective." What I find interesting is that most people were defending a game they havenít played yet. You see this constantly with gamers. Letís assume Jim Sterling gives the new Deus Ex game a bad review; most will call for his head, even though they themselves have not yet played the game. This species of gamers are so devoted to a product they know nothing about that they are willing to insult and call for the firing of certain reviewers. I'm sorry, but is this not the talk of crazy people?!

All I read in comments are gamers insulting each other because of what the other enjoys. I read one comment calling the BioShock: Infinite demo a "typical" and "uninspired" shooter - how the hell can anyone look at that demo and use the word ďtypicalĒ? What is typical is his response to the video. The comments on most of these gaming sites are getting ludicrous and it's the reason why I only read comments on the c-blogs. I donít know if theyíre simply doing this to piss people off, but whatever the reason, Iím done reading them.

I understand not liking a game, but there is no need in attacking someones opinion or exaggerating certain problems to fit your agenda. You do find these type of comments on film blogs as well, but not in the same level presented on gaming sites.

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