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VenusInFurs avatar 5:56 PM on 11.26.2011  (server time)
Diary of a Breton: journey to Solitude (part 1)


I started my journey in the forest, not far from some nameless town. Itís nameless because I didnít bother to remember it! The town itself, let me admit, is ugly. It had a strange smell. You really donít need much time to discover what is that makes it different from so many other towns here in Skyrim.

I checked my inventory. I had nothing. I checked my wallet, but Iím completely broke. I checked knowing I had no money, but still I checked for sake of it - it's the only way of keeping my sanity. I decided to walk to the nearest town. Maybe someone will hire me or I can sell some of my stuff. That would be a good way to make some extra cash, I thought.

As I walked around the forest, I grew tired. I needed a horse. My stamina was just not up for running. The sound of heavy breathing was all too common. I opened up my map and see where I can teleport myself. I noticed Iím not next to any mountains, so I decided to walk to my destination, no need for fancy tricks.

I see forest creatures pass me by. A nice smoothing soundtrack follows me; it changes depending on my mood. I take a deep breath and stop. Iím bored Ė I needed something to do! I decided not to go to town and open up my quest log. So many activities all bunched up together. What to do? I read description after description of people wanting my help. What did I do to deserve this? I escaped death. In fact, my life was supposed to end a few days prior. What do these people see in this poor Breton? Iím skinny; my armor is made of broken fur I stole out of a dead body up in the mountains. Nothing I have on me I earned with money, everything about me is false.

I made many acquaintances, but none I can truly call a friend. Even the family I belong to, the Dark Brotherhood, seems suspicious. I have a feeling theyíre talking behind my back. I have a sense things are not going to end well with them. They seem lost and believe Iím the answer to their problems. Ugh, this all too much to handle!

I decided to venture out to Solitude, I have unfinished business with a man there. I decided to fulfill my contract, I needed the money. I needed to fix myself up with new armor, potions, and swords. What I had then would not last for long.

As I walked to Solitude, I saw a cave. Dead bodies were scattered around. Suddenly Iím attacked by some bandits. I barely made it out alive. A few seconds after the ruffle, I start to feel something inside of me. I canít explain it, thereís something new about my hands, a certain way of picking up my sword or shield. Or itís the sword which now has a certain way of having itself picked up, I donít know. Something has happened to me, I canít doubt it anymore. Little by little, I felt a little strange, a little put out. Iím finding it hard to put into words, so I wonít.

I looked at the cave with great intensity. It didn't say a word, but itís inviting me in. I should continue on my journey to Solitude, but I think it could wait. I entered the cave. A change has taken place during these last few weeks. But where? It is an abstract change without objects. Am I the one who has changed? If not, then it is this world, these mountains, and this nature that are changing with me.

Iíve decided to sit in the college in Winterhold and write down my story. Itís quite here, and Iím only an outsider to these people. Nevertheless, I will make this college my home and I will tell me story. Maybe some poor soul will read it, and can relate to the words I write down. I will continue to write down my journey. The caveÖ what marvelous and demonic things Iíve seen thereÖ The event in the cave only lasted a few minutes before I left. I'm thankful for my life. I have no idea how long this journey will last, but let me record it - it entertains me, it's the only thing that keeps me sane. As I write this, things are still uncertain and unclear.

Solitude. Remember. That's my destination, right?

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