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My name is Matt. I am turning 16 in a fortnight. I started gaming when I was two years old. I think my fist game was something Sesame Street related. Anyway I missed out on the NES and the old school era. That makes me a sad panda. Later i got a Playstation and I never played all those classic N64 games(which I really should go back and do). Regardless, I am an avid gamer and yea thats about it. Here are games I frequent.

Team Fortress
Gears of War 2
Company of Heroes

I have a nice computer which is getting upgraded this Christmas. It is going to be pretty sweet. I can't wait to overclock my new q6600!

e6600 (soon to be q6600)
2gb DDR2 800 (soon to be 4gb 1066)
Ati 4870

If you want to play something send me a friend request.
Steam - madmatt92
Live - Vengeful Penor
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Happy New Year guys. I hope 2009 is as good as last year! I am such an idiot i probably shouldn't make blog posts after a 6hr drive.

I signed on to PSN and saw this demo and thought I should alert the populace. My xbox is being an idiot so I don't know if there is one on there. I will put my impressions in here after I play it. Merry Christmas.