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Vengeful Penor's blog

2:39 AM on 08.30.2008

Castle Crashers Boosting.

My and my friends were playing through Castle Crashers on insane mode. When we go to the giant bat the decided to level boost. You do this by going in the top right hand corner and throwing your boomerang. The boomerang gets caught on the bat and gives you experience. They went up at least eight levels before the boss died. This makes me angry in my pants.

Why would you want to cheat the game. Yea you will get to level 99 but then the game will be no fun. I just don't see why they would want to cheat. There is no accomplishment in getting to level 99 if you dont work for it. This defeats the purpose of playing the game. It just boggles my mind. Why would you want to cheat you paid for the experience. Grrr. Thoughts?


12:50 PM on 08.26.2008

Left 4 Dead Delayed For Gears Of War

As you may have already heard, L4D Has been delayed two weeks. It is now coming out on the 18th for America, and the 21st for Europe. The official reason to coincide with the anniversary of the original Half-Life. The real reason... Gears of War 2. I found this on This news fills me with rage. H0w dar u d3ray mah ho7 ho7 14dz ac7i0n!

Why would they delay valves masterpiece for Gears of War. Gears of War is fun and all but it doesn't match the launch of Left 4 Dead. In my opinion Gears 2 looks like an expansion to the first game. It will be fun but it is nothing new. Were as L4D is something fresh, and innovative(If you know something else like l4d tell me now!) plus L4D is a Valve game which automatically means it is better then anything on Xbox. Not that I am a pcfag but why delay one of the most highly anticipated games of the year for Gears. At least let the PC game launch earlier plz?

Sorry this is more of me letting out my anger than anything. Gears will probably be great but I want my Left 4 Dead now. It is going to be so awesome there are zombies AND THEY RUN FAST AND THAT IS RELAVENT TO MAH INTRESTS!   read

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