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Iam a gammer from the harsh uruguayan jungle (we dont even have a jungle down here, too cold, go and do some wikipedia of Uruguay). I used to do a podcast in spanish about videogames at Radio LevelUp but I dont do it anymore... anyway those guys are there still making it so you can give it a try if you understand spanish
And i can say "�aca �aca �aca" and i know how to pronoaunce it well since im a spanish speaker, so Im a superior race.
A couple of idiots may find funny that I dont have good english grammar, but again, they are probably idiots since they only speak/write one language...

Most of my time in the internet is because of games. I love videogames so much that i sleep with my girlfriend and my ds, at the same time... i call that a "threesome" and my humor doesnt get anything better than that.
Mostly im a PC gamer, i was going to buy a 360 but faulty crappy hardware told me not to since if it goes RRoD here I would have lost my money, and as a man Im entitled to the sweat of my brow. I want to fuck the Wii and I believe the PS3 is going to be the first console in space.

In the "real" life (come on, internet now is part of our lives anyway...), I study medicine (takes a lot of time and I cant spend enough of my time playing videogames). Is not what you would call a marriage made in heaven, if I wanted to game more I should have sutdy something related to pc�s, but I grown surrounded by computers and stuff so I chose the bio stuff instead. Anyway, little time to play video games if you dont want my biographical shit.

And the main reasson I play games for the story behind them. I love well written stories like Half Life series, of course Portal (kind of a Valve fan). Other great games include World Of Warcraft (not currently playing, actually I was never hardcore, but I enjoyed the experience a lot), and of course the classics like System Shock 2. Other great titles had stuck with me over the years, classics adventure games like Monkey Island, Indiana Jones and Grim Fandango.

So, best game experiences:
Half Life 2 (and the original Half Life of course).
System Shock 2
Grim Fandango
Indiana Jones and the Fate Of Atlantis
Monkey Island

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So, by now you probably finished playing Tales of Monkey Island Launch of The Screaming Narwhal (yeah I wont by typing that again), if you are a fan of the Monkey Island series.
I have to say right now that I played the first Monkey Island (which is now available), back in the day when I was young I remember that game and I have very good memories about playing it with a friend of mine, my brother and even my uncle (we used to share the how to of the games over the phone back in that day (no internet).

So I tried to make the first episode last but it will give you about four or six hours of play time. Of course you will have to wait another 30 days for the second episode and at least this time around you wont be waiting years for a continuation in the story (yeah Valve, Im looking at you), you know that TellTale will be releasing the five episodes on a monthly basis, so you can you know, play other games in the meantime that are awesome too. And if you are feeling nostalgic and cant wait, just grab for 5usd games like The Dig and Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis on STEAM. I want to play Fate of Atlantis again, I will probably get it since is only 5usd and it runs without any problems on win xp. A special edition just like they did on Monkey Island would be nice

But what do I think about this Monkey Island episode?
I like it, a lot. I mean, I like the idea that an adventure game is not frustrating to the point of I will just head to the walkthrough here because I cant figure this one out. The puzzles are not that hard, but even then not that easy. One thing that used to frustrate me most about the old LucasArts adventure games were the fact that logic wasnt a main factor on the puzzles; they used to were complicated solutions and too many factors at the same time. Just give the SCUMM system a look; you can have a lot of interactions on a single scene only with a handful of items.

Graphically they kept the Monkey Island style I would have liked that they were a little bit more sophisticated I dont know, maybe thats not the word but is how I feel.
The humor is there, of course it helps a lot if you have played the previous Monkey Island games, but on the story side there is nothing very big you will miss because of that.

Episode 1 is fun in the dialogues, easy on the requirements and still looks good. Maybe a little short but not too long for a single episode of pirate fun. And I get to play Wallace and Gromit for the 35usd deal they got going on there it seems to be a very good game if you have some knowledge of Wallace and Gromit.

This reminds me. If you go to STEAM top sellers the first episode of Tales Of Monkey Island was there on top (now is Monkey Island SE) and I can bet that those represent a LOT of sales. A friend of mine once said that the adventure genre was dead, he said it at the time TellTale was starting, he also said that they would fail because it was a dead genre I think we can say that all the people who thought that now stand corrected.

I was rather disappointed when I heard the news earlier today that Blizzard wont be supporting Starcraft 2 for LAN (local area network). If you told me this a year ago I would tell that you were mean and a bad person. Hell, disappointed I was in shock when I read the statement from someone there who says something like anyway everyone uses the internet today.

Reality is that Blizzard seems to be afraid of pirates, and by trying to avoid piracy of a well established franchise is actually going to ruin the multiplayer experience I have come to growth up with and love. So many memories of Starcraft on LANs...
You see, I have little idea of how well is going to work for the LAN IF and only IF there is any LAN support at all. But Im pretty sure that is not going to be very straightforward I have been in lanparties that have 150 people playing, and one thing was not available, internet (well you can always have a 3G modem).

Lets say that to play LAN on Starcraft 2 you only need for account validation and then the server is on the LAN and not on the Blizzard server. That would be the best case scenario, once all players are gone in the activation the actual server is set up on a local machine in the LAN.

How does this helps fight piracy? It annoys the user anyway; pirates will get a workaround this Hell, we know there will be a pirate version of Starcraft 2 for playing on LAN if Blizzard doesnt support it and still the one who get screwed is the costumer who paid for the game.

Besides we are talking about Starcraft here; you will get 10 millions copies sold in the first month and that is if you are unlucky.

So yeah, I went and signed an online petition (I know, I know), but Blizzard needs to pull its head from their arse on this one. I wont say anything about Diablo 3 colors because thats a creative decision Im not in a position to judge.
But to deny the sequel of a game that is what it is because of LAN support of it? Its a crime and it annoys me.

Some of you guys know me, some of you dont, but anyway im going to make a statement here about the deal going on right now on STEAM (I know is on the main page), even when is 3:00AM over here in uruguay so cut me some slack.

I bought this game at launch, 50usd which is a lot. Now, I was more than happy to be playing it, but it crashed when you end your turn in the middle of your grand campaign for world domination (never get between a man and world domination), it has a strange thing that made it crash to windows. Dont ask why, but we were like 5.000 monkeys on the forums plus another thousands on SEGA trying to explain those guys at Creative Assembly that the game was a joke, full of bugs, bad AI, I mean... THE GAME WAS A MESS... even online.

Then they released a patch... for some it didnt change a thing, for other it made things worse.

So we waited a month for a real patch. The patch didnt solve all the issues, but anyway, most of them.
Right now I cant say what is the state of the game, I have it on the STEAM dvd backup waiting to be played again, but the frustration got over the fun I got out of it. I will eventually got back to it since I heard on the forums that a lot of AI bugs and bugs are fixed for good now.

So should you go and buy it now that is 50% less?
Hell yeah. The game is massive fun, even if turn based strategy is not your thing who cares... you still have the really epic battles to go on.
But remember that sometimes, some games should have stayed on beta for longer. And for me Empire is the proof.

Clearly one of the most interesting things that come out from E3 has been the Left4Dead 2 controversy. I posted it in the past: I wanted Valve to talk at E3 about Half Life Episode 3 and what they are doing next; in the same post I said that I was pretty sure it wasnt going to be a new Left4Dead. I was wrong.
Im really not ready to give another 50usd for a new Left4Dead. That doesnt mean I hate the idea of Left4Dead 2 or that I feel I should go and sign a protest group that says that a game is too bright (the idea sounds like it has too many damn colors! of the Diablo 3 thing). So please no fanboy statements here since Im a Valve fan myself. I know that right now with Sterlings posts this issue is too damn hot to get anywhere near it.

Is not that I havent enjoyed the first Left4Dead. Granted, it looks and feels like a sophisticated mod, that is what critics of the game say, but for me that is ok. Even for 50usd at the time it was very original and very fun to play, so the money was there for the title and I probably only got more for my money from TF2, but Left4Dead is second on the list. I didnt care about the complaints of lights and textures although I can see the problems with the flashlights of my teammates. We can argue about the support from Valve to the title, it hasnt been nearly as much as it has for TF2 but hey, maybe they thought the game was ok as it was and released something they truly wanted in the experience like the survival mode recently.

Still with Left4Dead 2 has happened something I call: polarization. In one bag we have the believers that want to play this game because they look at it and see fun and those that naturally just cant stand the other side; the other side being the haters, those who dont want a new Left4Dead because it is too early or because it gives pretty much the same thing.

And then the rest of us in the middle trying to come into terms with some posts about the issue, shaking our heads at some Sterling posts (dude I have nothing against you but you write and make all of us look retarded), and saying they dont get it. You see, for myself is fairly easy, right now I stand in: I wont be buying this on day one. I will wait for a weekend discount or a price drop but this is right now. Maybe from here to November they will show me something really great about the game, something that Im going to say sold, and thats it, the game is a buy from day one. They are going to be showing a lot more of L4D2 in the coming months, so Im all in for new input about how the game is going to be (new weapons, new special infected, etc).

For example, I know the lighting effects and textures didnt look anywhere near impressive in the first Left4Dead, probably they want to fix it along with a lot of other things. I heard this Valve guy on an interview at E3 trying to explain that along the development cycle of the first Left4Dead they wanted to put so much in, but time was an issue, and now looking at all of what they want to put in they just cant do it on a patch.
Sincerity is a good thing from a developer. And you got some from Gabe Newell after E3: "In addition to the recently released Survival Pack, we are releasing authoring tools for Mod makers, community matchmaking, 4x4 matchmaking, and more new content during the coming months for L4D1, we also agree with our customers that there needs to be an interoperability plan for players of L4D1 and L4D2, as multiplayer games are driven by the cohesiveness of their community."

I just wish they say SOMETHING about Episode 3.... Please Valve, Im in pain over here.

It doesnt happen a lot, you are in a place that is so similar to this world, and yet the rules are so different and not only because it is medieval. The sun shines and it usually rains, you also have night and day and there are people, other characters, some humans, some not. Good or bad? You may ask yourself that, but do you ask that question in real life too? Never has the grey between those two answers (yes and no), been as grey as in The Witcher universe.
Everyone has a story, maybe they did something wrong, they are neither completely good nor completely evil. Yes, you can found the white and the black but they are there only between all those shades of characters that made The Witcher universe so fascinating, so similar, yet so different.

A world scarred by war, but beautiful. The scene renders the day, glorious nature all around, and when the night comes some places they just smell of danger, you just know it and you would be right. Monsters are there, waiting. But you are a Witcher, a mutant named Gerald of Rivia, aka The White Wolf. Problem is you lost your memory and you must regain it and all the knowledge about who you are, what you did in the past and for that you must walk the surroundings.

And the beauty of the countryside mixes up with the ugly of medieval life, the poor, the disease, the old being not only old but ignorant rather than having good judgment as old people should. The powerful leaders using words that are a trap for fools, and those ignorant peasants that will follow those who speak of imaginary gods to pray for solution for all their problems. And then you see kids, there are no promises of future in them; you know from the moment they speak they will grown to be corrupted and ignorant like the world that surrounds them.
The rich and their excesses alongside the poor and usually their diseases. Everything is so human in the way that if it wasnt because you are on the soles of a mutant fighting monsters you would think you are in the medieval era.

Yes, you can have sex.

Even sex is present in The Witcher as just another aspect of life in that world, not as the center of it, but as something that is there for you if you want it. Prostitutes are there for hire, and promiscuous girls may have a go with you if you have a nice present for her. Violence and sex on phrases like my neighbored beat up his wife all night, I couldnt sleep, told in a normal fashion like a comment on a conversation. Or my husband beat me so hard last time I think I saw a tooth, and the indifference towards the violence of this world makes you feel that even you are on a fantasy setting you wont escape the true colors of this world. They wont try to give you the reality in a nice fashion, or put some make up over it.

And then there is the conflict between the different races. Ratial issues between humans and dwarves, or the war between elves and humans that seem to have come to an end but weakened the elves and diminish their numbers. Now they have to live like rogues and outcasts on the forest.
There are some examples of friendship between dwarves and humans, but there arent many; most of the time seems to be a mutual benefit relationship that is based on trade.

But the best part of The Witcher is that you character is not there to change things, to make things right or to deliver justice and balance. He is there because he is chasing those who killed a friend and trying to remember who he is, in the meantime enjoying the same vices like the sex, alcohol and gambling like everyone else. He is a passive spectator most of the time, and that for a change doesnt work badly at all on a videogame: here is the world, some things wont change because of you.

Is a shame that not so many played The Witcher, maybe because it was quite buggy. The Witcher Enchanced Edition come a year later, a version that added a little bit of more content and fixed the very buggy first version of the game. I recommend it as a solid buy right now. I really dont know what happened to the console version of the game, I hope it comes out somewhere in the near future.
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There has been some discussion about Valve next move, something like Valve going for a Left4Dead 2. I dont really know if that is a good idea, the game is still fairly "new" and just because it worked out the first time I dont really see the need for something more than a good patch (just like they are doing with TF2).
I would aslo feel someway robbed if they want to undergo production for a new Left4Dead... they should support more the actual game that is selling pretty well. So I dont really see them developing a new Left4Dead and I hope they are not, at least right now.

But the silence is so great around the Episode 3 of Half Life 2 that I found myself ashamed that I havent said anything yet about the final Episode of the Half Life 2 saga. Lets remember that Half Life 2 Episodes were supossed to be Half Life 3. Gabe Newell didnt want to wait 10 more years for another Half Life, so Valve come up with the Episode thing. On a personal note I can say that I dont dislike the idea since each Episode is not only brillant but has met the queality of the Valve games, but Im not a huge fan of series and "episodes", and I dont like waiting.
And wait is something we have done a lot.
On the other side the Episodes were not even released on a year to year basis, I mean, Episode 2 was released with the Orange Box and that was a very good deal since you were getting a LOT plus the Episode 2. So what is on store for Episode 3?

Once they were asked and they replied (but this was way back in 2008):
We dont know entirely whats happening in the next episode, but were gonna figure it out! he laughed.
There are always things we want to do that we cant because of the constraints of either the story or the arc weve laid out for the gameplay - or just time. So we shelve them and carry on. Ideas fly around here quite a bit, so we have this huge laundry list of things to try [from previous Half-Life 2 games] for the next thing [Half-Life 2: Episode 3].

The true is that we know nothing. Maybe Valve will hint something and I would ask them about it on E3 if I were going. I want to know what is going to happen. What are their plans for Episode 3? Is taking so long because they want more like a full game than a 6-8 hours episode? They want to go with a bang and then leave us another decade without a sequel?

Also Valve knows that the Source engine is finished, is time to move on with new technology and since they are a company on the edge of technology they are probably allready working with an alpha of the next engine. Is this going to be used for a Half Life 4? For all we know they can change their minds, scrap the Episode 3 idea and release it as Half Life 3 with a new engine.

At the end of the day I feel is going to be good anyway, the dedication and love that this company pours into their games is incredible.

Yeah, I know. I just feel that this post needs something else rather than just plain "words" that noone is going to read anyway.