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Velt avatar 11:12 AM on 08.26.2009  (server time)
Venezuela is trying to ban violent videogames


It is hard to explain the Venezuelan government and their brainwashed voters (most of them), if you look at the history of President Chavez you wont see anything you like (that is if you like democracy), but he become President just years after a failed military coup. Still years later they voted for him and now he remains in power; thats democracy in Latin America at its best.

Im from a small country named Uruguay, is small, only three million people or something. And most of the people around here think good things about a gorilla that likes to beat his wife from time to time. We can spend a lot of time talking shit about President Chavez, quite a hypocrite a guy that spends thousands of dollars in the best suits and shoes and is a communist at the same time; I can only imagine then that being a communist nowadays is to go with the fashion. But you can tell the level of ignorance/desperation of the people in Latin America to follow a dictator like the god of oil he is, then you can imagine that a move to ban videogames is nothing worth a headline. Just another act against freedom and what is an act against freedom if it is for the common good?

In 2007 I wrote at that President Chavez was very angry because a videogame called Mercenaries was taking place in Venezuela. Some other member of the blog was very offended by my calling Chavez an idiot, I left the blog because I would not compromise my view of things just because someone else thought different.

So right now the idea of the law is to ban the sale of violent videogames. I will tell you what will happen, he is going to sign the law and then he is going to have an orgasm on his TV show explaining how evil and capitalist (and therefore if something is capitalist is evil), videogames are. If you watch his TV program you will see a lot of people wearing red that will applaud him, but thats no surprise since they always applaud everything he says.

What a brave new world: a Dictator that has his own TV show; he bans everything that he dislikes such as violent videogames (Imperialist videogames!!), a lot of red shirted idiots applaud him... he is so charismatic when he waves the ban-hammer! Almost as charismatic as when he is verbally attacking other countries. On the other side no one dares to move because this is just another item in a long list of things you have to tolerate from a guy that is sitting over oil.

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