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Velt avatar 2:14 PM on 06.12.2008  (server time)
Finally, gamers are not so "nerd"

I never had a problem with the word nerd, when they called me that at school it mean that I was actually more intelligent than they...
So lets jump striaght into a reuters article:

"SYDNEY (Reuters) - Playing video games for hours on end may be bad for your health, but, according to an Australian study, it doesn't mean you are a lonely nerd and won't damage your social skills.
The study, by Australian psychology graduate Daniel Loton, found that 15 percent of 621 adult respondents to an online survey were identified as "problem gamers" who spend more than 50 hours a week playing games.

But only one percent of those gamers appeared to have poor social skills, specifically shyness, Loton said, contradicting the stereotype that video game fans tend to be lonely, geeky, and addicted to gaming because they are unable to socialize.

"Our findings strongly suggest that gaming doesn't cause social problems, and social problems are not driving people to gaming," Loton, from Victoria University, told Reuters.
"What is important to note is that even problem gamers did not exhibit significant signs of poor social skills or low self-esteem.""

Full Article.

It also talks about the clinical addiction, some people see the "addiction to videogames" as a whole, the fact is that those kind of people are into videogames but they could be doing heroin or cocaine as far as we know... hell, maybe we are throwing everyone in the same bag, internet addiction, blogging addiction, forum spam addiction and calling everything "videogame addiction".
Back to serious: an addiction is usually the sympton, thats what I see in my medical trainning, there are underlying causes for an addiction, any addiction, and the causes can be a lot at the same time. But videogames are still the new kid in the block, we all know they are a nice target for politicians and close minded idiots we call scientists.

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