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Velt avatar 6:14 AM on 11.06.2009
Dear IW: fu** you.

Nowadays for PC gamers everything seems to be IW new ďhateĒ against us. So Iím writing something to sum up how I feel about this bad joke from a developer I used to respect. Since most of the people over here donít care, maybe because they all play games on consoles anyway, Im going to send this straight to IW (since Activision is probably getting too much hate mail anyway).

Dear IW.

ďAll I can say is that we changed it to make it a better and easier experience. Also, not all of the names on that list are legit," said Infinity Ward, when talking about the MW2 server petition and downplaying the significance of its 178,000 signatures.
"402 signed it 4 times I heard," adds IW's Mackey McAndlish, while also revealing that, "Games cap out at 9v9. The software has great latency tolerance."

A logical explanation of course, capped to 9v9 while you can get up to 32 players on a TF2 match or whatever other FPS on PC with a dedicated server... An easier experience? Of course, because a list of server with a couple of filters like ping, number of players and type of game is SOOO CONFUSING that even my grandma wouldnít know what to do with itÖ so much clicks can disturb anyone (that was sarcasm btw, Iím just pointing this out because from all the stupid decisions you have made who can really say if you got it). I mean, matchmaking is O.K. but what aboutÖ you know, the freedom to choose something?

A real shame that a developer that was so friendly with PC on COD4 had turned 180 degrees towards stupidity if you ask anyone who knows or cares dear developer. Because the support of COD4 for the PC was quite awesome. Is very sad to see all the support COD4 was getting for the PC and now... nothing. Matchmaking, 60usd price tag and no dedicated servers.

And what is sadder is that you would have sell more on the PC platform. I bought COD4 last year because of the MP over STEAM guys, and Iím from Latin America, 50usd for me is a lot of money. Donít call me a pirate because I do PC gaming, I know more people with an xbox right here that doesnít own a single official copy while I have a huge list of games on STEAM that I boughtÖ all their 360īs are cracked. So what is up with that? They still play on Xbox live and they still pirate all the games. And at the end of the day a company says ďbuh, pirates on PCīsĒ, and thatís it for the PC port? Way to go with the logic there!

I know that you as a developer donít seem to count that much PC gaming (as every other gaming journalist nowadays it seems). Mouse flu or something? Afraid of video cards maybe? Too much freedom to play as you like? Is Modern Warfare 2 a virus that will spread like Ebola if you donít have it contained in a boring environment?

I donít know the real argument of IW and you master ďActivisionĒ, for such dumb and stupid moves on the PC side, but they all suck, no matter if it is pirates or because they want to deliver "better MP" (lets call it "stupid MP"). I have nothing against matchmaking, but a list of dedicated servers with a couple of filters is nothing a user canít handle... so, come on, just say the word "money" and "screw pc gaming" and call it a day IW. Really donít treat us like retarded kids. Because that is the most infuriating thing of all the issue.

I know that PC gamer here donít count that much, but still, letís face it, this is a "screw you" for every customer that has supported the series on the PC platform that saw the game born. I know the reason behind it is money, and that is O.K. too since I like money. But thinking that dumbing down a version of a game for the sake of anti-piracy and convenience is going to make you do more money with that version is so stupid that Iím going to make you see the error doing the most logical thing:

Iím going to pirate the game and not even play it at all.... Iím going to give away free pirate copies on the streets, send them by mail to Africa in TB med shipments, I will even send a pirated copy to Valve HQ for them to see how retarded and stupid your decisions regarding PC gaming are.
And then Iím going to sh** on a good copy, a legit copy, put it on a box with a camera and make it deliver to you IW.

And Iím going to stop there.... only after uploading the video to YouTube because Im just another internet troll.
So beware of boxes being deliver to your offices.

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