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Velocity avatar 11:39 PM on 03.09.2013  (server time)
Who I Am and Why I'm Here

Oh hey there! Pull up a chair.

So I'm starting up this blog basically just like many others, to write about and openly discuss gaming as it currently is and shall be in the future. Hopefully this quick little intro post will kind of let you know just who I am and why you might care (I won't be offended if you don't).

I've been into the whole video game scene since the 90's, playing and loving such classics like Super Mario, Golden Eye and of course Ocarina of Time. Writing about video games though... well that took a little longer.

I officially started my Games Journalism "Career" at only the start of October last year, so one might say I've only had mild experience in the field itself. In that time however, I've interviewed developers, played and written previews as well as putting out several reviews amidst the process.

Before that I only ever wrote recreationally and just put up like my own reviews and thoughts about things, which is what I'm really aiming to do here. That started around June last year but didn't really go anywhere, so I'm happy to just keep that up on a (hopefully) week-to-week basis.

Although I've ultimately always been big into the deeper emotional impact games can provide and how I do ultimately consider them to be art, I do also play a lot of online games and just generally have a chill time with friends.

I'm a big fan of the Devil May Cry and Metal Gear franchises as well as many others. I play pretty much any and every genre around and own a Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

What is your favourite game?
Favourite game is such a tough subject as it changes a lot for me. At the moment though I'll have to say The Witcher 2. It's combination of deep characters, a compelling storyline and engaging world really has won me over. At a different time I would have said Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, but yeah, as I said I'm constantly changing my mind on the matter. That's indecisiveness for you! But seriously if you haven't yet played either game go check them out, they are both incredible.

Did you just accidently turn this into an interview?
Why yes, yes I did.

Anyway, until next time!

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