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Vault91 avatar 8:11 AM on 06.03.2013  (server time)
"Remember Me" makes me sad....

The new game "Remember Me" I've mentioned before in one of my more ranty posts in regards to the fact that the developers had to struggle to get a game out there with a female protagonist. 

Because of that and the fact that for me personally the game ticks so many boxes (sci fi, cool premise,nice looking) I was hoping it would do well...unfortunately things aren't looking too great 

Looking at Metacritic just now (at the time of writing) its score sits on 75 which actually could be considered almost respectable. I know in videogame land anything below an 8 is considered trash and since scores are so generously given out when they are low you know something has to be up, but even the mixed reviews state its not a "bad" game by any means. I admit its still very early days 

Weather or not you consider a 75 respectable (or even consider metacritic a valid way of judging these things....I can't say I blame you if you didn't) the fact is for a game like this it's not enough, this is a game that couldn't really afford to be mediocre. 

It was always a "fly under the radar" kind of game which didn't seem to have a heavy amount of promotion, or for some reason (despite the name) didn't stick in peoples heads, I'm obviously no expert on this kind of thing but I figured at best it could have been a sleeper hit (like sleeping dogs.......PUN!), if it was good then hopefully sales might have been enough for it to "not be a failure" of coarse in this AAA space that seems pretty hard these days if your franchise doesn't remind you of a fish 

It makes me sad because not only is it (in concept) my Ideal kind of game, but because it makes me wonder about the case of female protagonists. I'm not complaining, don't get me wrong, sometimes games turn out mediocre (like FUSE) and that's just a fact of life, but unfortunately the connection between not selling well and having a female protagonist is probably going to be made.Tomb Raider is still an exception to the "rule". Of coarse at this point the game isn't even released and for all I know it could sell well (I doubt it :() if it doesn't then I honestly don't think its because the main character is a women.I think its because not enough people know about it, its a new IP and its not really good enough to overcome those hurdles, if a female protagonist DOES factor into how much a game will sell (because its not unreasonable to think it may have some effect) then I think its a small issue compared to the ones I just listed.

I haven't even played the game yet, and as I said it may be too early too call. I'm still tempted to get it since its clearly not "awful" and I'm still intrigued by the setting. In the end though I think like Wet, Velvet assassin, and (arguably) Mirrors edge "Remember me" will end up forgotten (.....PUN!) 

and that makes me sad.

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