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The new game "Remember Me" I've mentioned before in one of my more ranty posts in regards to the fact that the developers had to struggle to get a game out there with a female protagonist. 

Because of that and the fact that for me personally the game ticks so many boxes (sci fi, cool premise,nice looking) I was hoping it would do well...unfortunately things aren't looking too great 

Looking at Metacritic just now (at the time of writing) its score sits on 75 which actually could be considered almost respectable. I know in videogame land anything below an 8 is considered trash and since scores are so generously given out when they are low you know something has to be up, but even the mixed reviews state its not a "bad" game by any means. I admit its still very early days 

Weather or not you consider a 75 respectable (or even consider metacritic a valid way of judging these things....I can't say I blame you if you didn't) the fact is for a game like this it's not enough, this is a game that couldn't really afford to be mediocre. 

It was always a "fly under the radar" kind of game which didn't seem to have a heavy amount of promotion, or for some reason (despite the name) didn't stick in peoples heads, I'm obviously no expert on this kind of thing but I figured at best it could have been a sleeper hit (like sleeping dogs.......PUN!), if it was good then hopefully sales might have been enough for it to "not be a failure" of coarse in this AAA space that seems pretty hard these days if your franchise doesn't remind you of a fish 

It makes me sad because not only is it (in concept) my Ideal kind of game, but because it makes me wonder about the case of female protagonists. I'm not complaining, don't get me wrong, sometimes games turn out mediocre (like FUSE) and that's just a fact of life, but unfortunately the connection between not selling well and having a female protagonist is probably going to be made.Tomb Raider is still an exception to the "rule". Of coarse at this point the game isn't even released and for all I know it could sell well (I doubt it :() if it doesn't then I honestly don't think its because the main character is a women.I think its because not enough people know about it, its a new IP and its not really good enough to overcome those hurdles, if a female protagonist DOES factor into how much a game will sell (because its not unreasonable to think it may have some effect) then I think its a small issue compared to the ones I just listed.

I haven't even played the game yet, and as I said it may be too early too call. I'm still tempted to get it since its clearly not "awful" and I'm still intrigued by the setting. In the end though I think like Wet, Velvet assassin, and (arguably) Mirrors edge "Remember me" will end up forgotten (.....PUN!) 

and that makes me sad.

Now that the new "Xbox One" (*sigh*....really?)  has been launched the hive mind that is the internet has given its verdict. Things aren't looking great for the Xbox......"one" (REALLY?!)

This doesn't seem to surprise many people, a name like "Xbox one" (REALLY MICROSOFT!?)  was probably the first warning sign (I mean for crying out loud out of all the things you could have named it?!) and while rumours such as "always online" and such aren't 100% confirmed its close enough that they may as well be, as I said things aren't looking good.
In my opinion I think the amount of eye rolling and face palming here is actually kind of justified, not just gamers being gamers. However regardless of this looking like Microsoft's death wish we should keep in mind  that "we" (people complaining on the internet) may not represent those who will buy it (whoever that's supposed to be) what I mean is I wouldn't be surprised if it still sold.
Anyway, that's not my main focus here, my point here is that Always online is bad (and the Xbox *stupid fucking name* one has something close to that so that's also bad and why I'm talking about it plus it's a hot topic now and you get the Idea) so this is what I'd say to people who say

Well my internet is fine! what's the issue?

First of all congratulations' you have fast and unlimited internet (or at least a very generous cap) that's great! fantastic even. Unfortunately, however YOU are not everyone, sure many people have internet but not everyone has internet that can support an "always online" environment. it's not enough just to HAVE it, as I just said it needs to either be unlimited or have a VERY generous cap. If you have a download limit less than 20GB a month then you'll probably struggle. It also has to be a decent speed of course. Upgrading is not an option for everyone depending on where you live (I once read some time ago that even certain places in the US couldn't get anything except some shitty 200mb a day service)  also if you live in a place like Australia well....yeah, we don't have the best internet around.

You might not see internet as a big deal beside the cost of entry and cost of gaming in general, but really why SHOULD the barrier be that high? why SHOULD gaming be restricted to those only with the fastest of ISP's? because gaming, while expensive is doable even if you not THAT rich. adding the road block of always online is a whole other issue. It then depends on where you live, your circumstance and an extra monthly fee. It's just more bullshit between you and your game.

But your online anyway? what's the difference?

I don't expect to be able to watch YouTube videos without being online, I don't expect to post on  message boards, read articles or stalk people on facebook while offline. Those are activities which cannot exist without the internet, they are one in the same. Gaming, however is different, unless I am playing something where online is an actual feature (multiplayer, co-op, whatever) then I do not NEED to be online, it's not a requirement for the experience. Because of that you have to ask yourself WHY....WHY are they putting always online in the game? does it actually benefit YOU the player? or is it just another way of dressing up DRM? don't call it DRM, just claim your game is an MMO...all games are MMO's now! you will play our MMO'S and you will love them!
Ask yourself did SimCity NEED to be an MMO? and I don't mean did it need its online features, those could have very easily been added as a standard OPTIONAL thing. Did SimCity being an "MMO" improve the game? did it benefit you? What about Diablo 3? because let's be honest it seems Blizzard, the kings of the MMO decided it may as well be one. Did always online and the auction house greatly improve your experience? would the game have been worse if it had let you play single player like the sad pathetic loner you (probably) are? Does anybody actually want these things, and I mean want not "put up with" there is a difference.

what about games like Journey and Dark souls?

hey what about games like journey and dark souls? they were good games and had online as a core part of the experience. Kind of like how Mass Effect was a good game and it had romance options, does every game need romance options now?

even if all of this still doesn't phase you there is still one serious issue...
it's not just about you now, it's about them as well. You can keep your end of the internet deal but what about them? things don't always work when you want them too and not being able to play because of "server" reasons could be a common issue. As if some of use don't have the time for gaming as it is this just makes things even more inconvenient.

Which brings me to my next point: Control. So in a perfect world your internet is fast and unlimited  and the servers are never down...that is until they decide to pull support, because servers are expensive. There goes your game, onto the next. Turning games from products into services is a publishers dream, the control they have over everything...that's why there's a push for games to be more online focused (not to mention all that sweet money you can make from micro transactions) you could argue this has been happening, along with steam both EA and Ubisoft wanting to have their very own "PC gaming things". I'm not the biggest fan of Valve or Steam but at least Steam (and its counterparts since Ubisoft dropped that crap) allows you to play offline should you need it (in fact as much as people praise steam it's the worst if you operate on an internet cap...out of nowhere it can spring an update on you and you are unable to play until the game its updated) Valve have even promised they will allow games to be offline should they ever go under (not likely at this point but it's a nice sentiment none the less) the thing is not all companies are Valve...some are EA. If your perfectly fine with EA controlling your experience then....well ok, just something to think about anyway.

Personally even if these issues don't affect me it still sucks on principle, Internet is not electricity, arbitrary bullshit force fed to us by companies does not have to be the "future" of gaming, The future of gaming should enhance and take games to the next level. Not hold it back and punish US the Gamers for having the nerve to want to play games. There is a reason people were so pissed off with that guy that worked for Microsoft, that smarmy arrogant "I don't get why you aren't as privileged as me stop complaining" attitude  is enough to make you rage even if your internet IS perfectly fine.
Well screw that I will play games when I damn well want and not when you tell me I can, and I don't think that's unreasonable.

Before everyone was praising Bioshock Infinite for the amazing game it is there was some controversy over the Boxart. It's not awful...I don't think a lot of boxart these days can be called objectively awful (this, however is

the main reason was that it was embodied every cliché of modern boxart that we've come to hate, a stern faced solder or man with a gun lumbers his way towards the camera, sometimes looking at it.. sometime looking away, this was likely the doing of everyone's favourite Trend setter game Call of Duty.

The thing with the Bioshock Infinite cover is not just the fact that's its cliché, but that fact that it DOES NOT fit the game at's so utterly ridiculous that I thought it was a parody when I first saw it, hell in another universe it probably is a parody (just look at those sparks for crying out loud and they even apear to be implementing the infamous Teal and Orange color scheme). To put it another way put him in a Mario outfit and pretend Nintendo put this out as the cover for the next Mario game....and expected you to take it seriously, that's how it seemed to me anyway.

But I'm not here to talk about bad boxart of this generation (though I will just say mass effect 3 and Batman GOTY edition...ok done) I was to talk about the "good" box art, and I say "good" because boxart is rarely the kind of thing you might want on your wall...but I think there are some good box art (arts?) of this generation that at least did their job.... adequately (and as a general rule I'm only going to do the "standard" versions)

10. Infamous 2

see this is all about what cole is NOT doing...he is NOT walking towards the camera, he NOT hanging his head low in a kind of "grrrr ima gonna get you!" way. He's just trying to figure out which color he likes better, its simple but it doesn't misrepresent the game which is about: very obvious and clear cut moral choices. I also like what they have done with the red and have is red, the other is blue... genius!

9.Assasins creed

Do you remember when the Assasins creed games were about being an Assasin? rather than a one man army...stealth, "hide in plain sight" taking out your target with precision and slow careful consideration? well I do.To be fair Assasins creed 1 was released at a time where the trends werent fully set, but still.

its not that I don't like Connor about to perform Facial surgery with a tomahawk or Ezio just being the impossibly cool dude he is. Its just this one really captures what assasins creed was all about...the shiney white and blue aesthetic, blending into the crowd...his hidden blade at the ready, about to deal some justice to someone and slip away...he's not trying to hard like Ezio...this guy IS the master assassin.

8.Far Cry 3

for reasons beyond me they decided to change the American boxart to this I don;t know what the fuck is off about his face but it kind of scares me....anyway the version I got (well actually it was reversed but close enough) is what I'm going with here

Vaas doesn't need to walk towards the camera looking determined to show he is a badass. Vass clearly does not give a fuck, he looks just as menacing sitting on the beach as he probably does doing anything else.Also at a glance you might miss the poor guy he has buried up to his face...oh and those people hanging in the background.The contrast between the bright tropical island and Vaas doing what he loves to do when he goes to the beach (torture and murder!) sets the scene for what we can expect in the game, and shows us who the real star of Far cry 3 is.

7.Aliens Colonial Marines

yes the game was crap, and yes crop out the guy in the middle and youve got the next call of duty cover: Teal edition...yes there is alot of Teal here but seriously it just looks really nice, the Alien head and the solders...its an aliens game with solders in it...and is that a women? I think theres a women on the box!

6. Dead space

this is another one from a time where you could put out a horror game (well pretend it was horror) without the addition of online features and "more shooting".As much as I like Dead space 2's cover and even though its not the prettyest of the three, its the most original. A severed hand floating in space is certainly eye catching (even if it did take me a while to realise the hand was severed and not sticking out of a spaceship) in case your wondering, yes Dead Space 3's boxart is a bit.....plain

5. Borderlands 2

I find it interesting they decided to feature a psycho on the front of the borderlands games.Mabye the character designs for our main characters were a bit to stylisted to pull of the "walk towards the camera" thing. Ether way both this and the first borderlands cover is eye catching, and perhaps a hint at the kind of insanity (colorful insanity!) we can expect to see in the game, because many a psychos head will be doubt.

4. Bioshock

whoa...what is this? what is that thing? what is Bioshock!? I must find out!

3.Dragon age origins

very similar to the Aliens colonial Marines box..Its just aesthetically pleasing to me..the red and the white, a whole blood motif going theres a dragon (and the game is better)

2.XCOM enemy unknown

now this I would almost put on my wall,I'm not really sure what to say...I like that it shows a full squad, I like the shadow thing going on and I think I can see two..yes TWO! women on the cover

1. Sleeping dogs

Given what kind of game Sleeping dogs is, it would have been so easy to throw together some cliche cover...or something dull. But look at that! unlike many of the other entries here its actually unique! I'm guessing its inspired by some kind of traditional artstyle, but it definetly shows that the game is not set in American but Hong Kong, there's a real kung fu movie vibe going on and I'm diffidently sold!

if you had no Idea what the hell I was talking about in Part 1 then this is Part 2...the non sarcastic version

Point 1. men in game are treated just as unfairly as women
not really...

Objectification is what happens when we see women in outfits that are not only "sexy" "skimpy" and revealing, but when they defy all logic and common sense that it makes you want to punch something.

What it's pretty much saying is her body is her defining feature...she is reduced to an object for your viewing pleasure.Oh sure they may be great characters in spite of that, but its still there....she's not allowed to wear normal shoes they have to be heels, she can;t cover herself properly she has to show as much skin as possible

Now if you think about characters like the guys from Gears of war or Kratos...even though they are hyper masculine kill machines they are not objects...their pose in promotional material is not to invite you to stare in lust at their rippling muscles but instead see them for their power and capability, same goes for less over the top characters like Nathan Drake, its all about what a cool dude he is, not any appeal he might have to the ladies.

And thats the thing, men in games and such are judged on their ability to get shit done...women are judged on their looks first and foremost (as is sadly the case in real life)

"But ALL characters in games and other stuff are attractive!, whats wrong with that?"

nothing, but there is a different between being attractive and being attractive to the point of absurdity

for example lets look at two Anime statues (I know its silly to pick on Anime...different culture and all but just for the sake of an example)

Here we have a cowgirl, aside from the fact she doesn't apear to be wearing any underware she also isn't wearing a bra, her breast are practically hanging riding horses is out of the question. Aside from the cloths her pose looks a bit uncomfortable, she appears to be quickly whipping around to shoot at someone while on one leg...I'm not 100% sure of the practicality of this pose....but I have a sneaking suspicion its supposed to showcase her asscrack and not her marksmanship

now lets look at another statue...its one of Jaina Solo from the star wars expanded universe (which I own myself despite being neither an Anime or starwars fan)

while she has been stripped down to her tank top to show off her womanly figure... there's nothing about her clothing or pose that say "look at my tits!/ass" she really does look like she just came back from a flight...she's still attractive, but doesn't look like something you should hide from your parents.

Yes both men and women are shown to be attractive in media, its why Lara croft never bothers to pick up a Jacket in Tomb Raider, its why Maya from Borderlands has a boob window, or why Ashley from mass effect 3 thinks its a good idea to fight without tying up her hair, but with anything its about is balance...I can accept many things to a certain extent but its only when a characters appearance or presentation (back the poses) "goes full retard" that I shake my head in dismay

and High Heels....seriously fuck High Heels

Point 2. majority of us are nerds! don't take away our fap material!
this might contradict what I said before but things like that cowgirl statue above..lolipop chainsaw and DOA have a right to exist...they have their audience and they can have it....I may not personally like those things but whatever, they are actually fairly niche anyway

but I don't see whats so awful about a push for better female representation or at least making people aware of the whole objectification thing, I'm all for people making the kind of games/other stuff they want to make, in fact I'd say that's the most important thing.. and no one is going to ban the makers of DOA or whatever from making those games

and besides..we have the internet...if your only source of gratification is from games/entertainment then your doing it wrong

Point 3. Go find something else to play!
[rant/]I once came across some asshat on the internet (as we all do) who in a very smug/condescending/feigned concerned way suggested that one poster who was showing dissapointment at lack of females in games that the issue was with her and why would we play games if we hated them so much? he also loved to throw round the "artistic integrity" argument[rant]

I have no problem with majority of games....well aside from the fact they suffer from many issues (boring homogenization/bad writing) these issues are bigger than the gender one....but my point is we wouldn't be complaiming if we weren't seriously starved for female protagonists...just saying

Point 4. Go find something else to complain about
one thing I want to stress is that entertainment is not harmless, the fact is it effects and influences us more than we would like to think. In the grand scheme of things complaining about it as I am now may not amount to anything, but having less stereotypical bullshit in out entertainment I think IS an important thing

Part 5. be the change you want to see in the world!
this one isn't so bad...its positive in its own right

but more often then not its just used as a "shut up and go away" I may achieve more buy making a game then I do complaining about it on the internet,but even if I did make a game it would be like a drop in the ocean in terms of influence... that's not to say it would be worthless...but the thing is if someone complains about lack of good PC RTS games or Tactical shooters that person isn't met with many reply s of "go make your own game" are they?

As much as I like Video games (and I like them alot) I sometimes felt there was a bit of an.... in-balance when it came to women, and that the attitudes of those who played games was....less than progressive. It was an issue that sometimes did leave me feeling a little sad and wanting more as I played whatever game I was into at the time.

But not anymore

see after reading up on some incredibly well thought out and enlightened opinions from across the inter-webs, I have come to realization the problem is ME, not games, not gamers, but me.

Because there is no problem, there is no imbalance in genders, I'm making it all up in my head..WE are making it all up in our heads, and this is why.

Point 1. men in game are treated just as unfairly as women

you might be familiar with Gears of war, the Alien killing shooter where we play as roided up hunks of nothing but testosterone, muscle and rage. That right there, an over the top version of masculinity in clearly demeaning to men, its a travesty! or Kratos or Comander shepard or any other very masculine Game character.....see? we are all completely equal in the ridiculous portrayal of our genders.Any complaint you ladies might have is completely negated by this fact

Point 2. majority of us are nerds! don't take away our fap material!
because that would be really mean :(

Point 3. Go find something else to play!
if you don't like majority of games or if you feel there aren't enough female characters/protagonists then go play games that DO cater to your tastes..HOLY SHIT! I just solved all your imaginary made up problems! so go! go play all those games!

Point 4. Go find something else to complain about
The fashion industry! the film industry! the music industry! they are bigger problems...go complain about them...or something...I don't know..I just want to fap to the big breasted witch lady in peace...stop making me think about things it hurts my brain

Part 5. be the change you want to see in the world!
fine! you don;t like the industry? well go into games make your own! get your degree in games design..struggle for that job....get that job in the on that watered down homogenized AAA game.....get fired afterwards...go into making indie games....after all that hard work blood sweat and tears make that game and send it out into the world, congratulations! you just single handedly ended society's gender imbalance in can thank me later

and then maybe we can talk about something important, like that new XCOM shooter that's just going to come along and fuck everything up, seriously there aren't enough strategy games in the the mainstream space..and that totally sucks amiright guys? isn't it the fucking worst? whats that you say? go make games if it bothers me that much? what the hell kind of answer is that!?

don;t be silly! its totally different when I complain about things like is seriously

so yeah, in conclusion there are in fact NO issues whats so ever and I hope now we can all just enjoy our games in peace away from those people who like to get offended over nothing!


If you haven't played Bioshock infinite then go do so, now.....done? Ok

(Bioshock infinite spoilers incoming)

so if you've played and finished bioshock infinite your probably feeling a strong sense of "what the fuck?"

but it's a GOOD "what the fuck?".unlike Mass Effect 3, that was a very BAD "what the fuck?".Why am I talking about ME3's ending now? that was over a year ago! you might ask, I'm talking about ME3's ending because bioshock infinates ending is "similar", sure they are both very different games with very different story's (bioshock being the better thought out and "deeper" of the two) but they are both "big" games that try and tackle "big" things.A comparison I feel is nessicary becauase bioshock info ate is how you do a mind fuck ending...mass effect 3 is not

that and I'm bored...

SO how does bioshock infinate end? I'm not going to go into detail or try to decipher it myself,the rest of the Internet can do that. It involves alternate realities,Elizabeth and her different versions basically drown booker (who as it turns out is an alternate version of comstock) which eliminates everything that happened through out all the realities because brooker sold his daughter (Anna alternate reality Elizabeth) to alternate reality comstock...but this is happen through out all realities and uhh

sorry but I can't explain it well.As mind screwy as it is it makes a kind of sense, the game is all about alternate realities,the infinite universe theory (holy shit! Bioshock infinate! I get it now!) the ending basically involves Elizabeth using her powers to prevent a certain outcome (comstock becoming comstock....or brooker/comstock from ever existing... wait no...hmmm) well that's beside the point we don't know exactly what has or will happen (does this mean Elizabeth now doesn't exist?) but we know that alot of bad stuff has been averted, it's not overly happy but not really sad, even though it doesn't explain much there is a sense of closure.granted it might not make sense if you think about it too much (I'm still undecided there as I haven't thought about it enough) but its s good ending that's memorable and makes you seems the kind of ending mass effect 3wanted to be but wasn't

you probably already know what made the ME3 ending so bad, aside from not only falling apart upon further thought, the realisations that would come after make it even worse (so without mass relays everyone's stuck on that planet!?) that and it's not an ending, in any sense of the word

but then it is kind of unfair to compare them, in ME3's case it's generally known that what we got (the original ending) was a rush job, the ending as was originally intended was scraped for whatever bioshock infinate on the other hand didn't seem to have such an issue aside from the usual changes that happens with such projects, and was arguably In more capable hands

mind screw endings can work, they can be both memorable and make you don't need to have everything neatly explained for you to have a great ending, but you DO need closure, and closure means different things for different story's. and ending where Shepard presses a button and killed the reapers resulting in a no fuss "win" would have been kind if cheap, but also much more satisfying and more In line with the series beforehand, which was always a straight forward sci fi action type game.likewise an ending for bioshock infinate where brooker and Elizabeth kill come stock without all the infinate universe stuff would have been no d but not nearly so memorable.