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VashTS avatar 12:56 AM on 06.30.2009  (server time)
Did this really just happen?(small rant)

I am a lurker on destructoid. I admit it. I comment once in a while and thats about my fair share of giving back to the community. I like to play and beat a decent RPG once in a while. Enough about me though, lets procede to the problem at hand.

Last christmas I recieved Last Remnant for Xbox 360. I found myself playing it once in a while and then lost interest around feburary. Now summer rolls around and I have nothing better to do than to enjoy beating some good ol' video games. I started a small marathon over the past week or so playing the game Last Remnant and it grabbed my interest once again. Here's where it gets good. A few minutes ago I get to the second disc swap screen.

The game prompts me, and I do what it says. It then notifies me that I must insert disc 2, even though thats what I put in.....right? I then continue to open the DVD tray in confusion and read the DVD and it says, "DVD 1". I look in the case to see what disc I put back, and it read, "DVD 1".

And that's that. I guess buying the game on release at amazon for 40 bucks wasn't that great of a deal!
I have no idea what to do. Any suggestions?

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