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Vargas avatar 1:03 AM on 10.22.2010
RANT: Characters in Uncharted.

Something has been on mind lately and I would like somebody else's take on it. A few weeks back, I kinda got into an argument with my older brother about the Uncharted series. More specifically, it was about the main characters and how I don't think they are all that likable. It was an interesting discussion, even though it was kinda hard to reason with my brother, since he's a Uncharted fanboy. And we all know how fanboys are, don't we.

Before I continue, let me I like those games. I don't think they are that absolute masterpiece some people say, but I still enjoyed its cover-based shooting, gorgeous graphics, amazing sequences and top-notch acting. Both games have just okay stories, though. What actually made Uncharted 1 & 2 so well regarded from a narrative perspective was its characters (that's what I think, at least). 

Most people, my brother included, apparently think that Drake, Elena, Sully, Chloe are all great and interesting characters, with distinct and fun personalities. As I mentioned before, that comes from one of the strongest points of the Uncharted fra
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