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Vanima avatar 1:43 PM on 02.02.2008  (server time)
Multiplayer games not quite so multiplayer.

First off I apologize for the lack of an interesting and witty picture. I have yet to learn how all that stuff works here and am feeling a little too lazy to bother. But I digress. Let's get to the meat of the issue.

With the plethora of games taking full advantage of online playing capabilities it seems like mulitplayer gaming has a hit a new high. At nearly anytime of the day or night you can hop online and find someone to play with on just about any game that you own, whether that person be right down the street or on another continent.

But what about gamers that want to play a multiplayer game with friends and family that are actually located in their house or are unfortunately not able to play online? Are these people doomed to a lack of social gaming? For the most part yes.

But what about the Wii you say? Yes the Wii does feature many of its games with multiplayer options that can be enjoyed without the requirement of being online but unfortunately many of these games are not the genre you always feel like playing. The limited choice of games in general on the Wii makes for a lacking multiplayer experience, although at least there is a presence of games that let you play with other gamers in person.

I'll stick with the 360 from here on out as I'm inexperienced with the PS3 considering I don't own one. But every time I get excited about a game that's coming out on the 360 that's reported to have excellent multiplayer I'm always sorely disappointed when I get the game in my hands and it says something along the lines of "2-4 person multiplayer online". So because I unfortunately can't afford a gold subscription yet I am forced to play alone. And really is it fair that I can't play a game with my husband because I don't own two X-Box 360s? A little voice in the back of my mind says no it isn't. But then again that voice also occasionally tells me that I should probably listen to its murderous urges since I play games and all.

But tell me what do you think? Is it expecting too much to be able to play a game in my own home with my family or has the industry just changed so much that the internet bandwagon is the only one to ride?

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