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VampireKitten blog header photo
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Plantz V Zombies photo extras.

So I did this thing for Suff0cat for the contest thing he wanted me to make a plant costume (well our friend Nikki did) and make him into a zombie. So I did. PS: Josh was the "Plant" and your damned right he wore that shirt for the rest of the night. And yes, he is well aware he looks like Steve-O. This was the winning pic. Here is what you didn't see.


Just introducin' mys3lf

Just thought I would drop in and introduce myself... I am Candace, but known to the gaming world as VelvetCupcake (or VampireKitten). I spend my time battling monsters and gaming has made a huge impact on my life. In reality...


About VampireKittenone of us since 3:05 PM on 12.25.2008


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