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VampireChrist avatar 1:04 PM on 03.17.2008  (server time)
Not my Turning Point gaming rig


okay, here we go!

here are my pcs at work i built...
lets see

this is my main system at work
in the gateway case resides...

AMD 5200
eVGA 7800GTX 512MB PCI-E
4GB Twin2X4096 DDR2 800mhz
Generic NForce 4 ECS board
Creative X-Fi Xtreme Audio
Windows XP SP2

my other work pc i built

snazzy NZXT case
4GB Corsair XMS PC3200 lightup RAM (fun to watch)
BFG 9600GT 512MB PCI-E
Abit AN8 Fatal1ty Motherboard
Generic sound
Windows XP SP2

another random work one im fixing

another snazzy NZXT case
AMD 4200
Generic 2GB PC3200 ram i found lying around
ATI x700 PCI-E
Abit AN8 Fatal1ty Motherboard
Generic sound
Windows XP SP2

heres the one i built then sold to my brother way back in the dizzle

Antec case i painted
AMD 64 3200
2GB Corsair RAM that lights up and displays shit
some LANParty board, black. i like black.
ATI x300 AGP
Generic sound
Windows XP SP2
now covered in dust :(

heres one i built for my ex,
before she was an ex

who the hell knows
pink stars
painted pink case
jewely things
pink interior lighting

okay, heres my home computer

i actually dont really have one at the moment
and i got a kid and no money to spare
hence, the reason i need to win this damn thing

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