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VampireChrist avatar 1:46 AM on 10.26.2007  (server time)
Every Extend Extra Extreme

hear good things about it.
buy it.
start it up.
read the instructions.
play first game.
die in about 3 minutes.
go back to instructions.
read what the little items thingys do.
play next game.
dead in about 6 minutes.
go back to instructions.
play next game.
THAT game last me about 1 hour and 32 minutes.
jesus fuck, what a game
now that i know a round can last that long,
(and i coulda gone a hell of alot longer but,
i finally couldnt take it anymore, my contacts were driving me crazy)
i dont know if im gonna have time to really play it ever again.
its weird to know im gonna have to set aside two hours to beat my current high score.

(anybody else playing this?
add me to your friends list so i have some competition to motivate me to play again)

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