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VampireChrist's blog

1:04 PM on 03.17.2008

Not my Turning Point gaming rig

UPDATE: DAMN THAT GAME SUCKED! okay, here we go! here are my pcs at work i built... lets see this is my main system at work in the gateway case resides... AMD 5200 eVGA 7800GTX 512MB PCI-E 4GB Twin2X4096 DDR2 800mhz G...   read

1:46 AM on 10.26.2007

Every Extend Extra Extreme

hear good things about it. buy it. start it up. read the instructions. play first game. die in about 3 minutes. go back to instructions. read what the little items thingys do. play next game. dead in about 6 minutes. go ba...   read

11:02 PM on 10.24.2007

Bullet Witch. Yes, Bullet Witch

aka the third-person shooter i've played more than Gears of War Finally just beat that game after I've had it sitting on my shelf for quite some time. That last boss is one hell of a pain in the ass. Reminded me of gaming ba...   read

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