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12:20 PM on 03.04.2008

Good God in Heaven, Stay Away From My Electronics

I'm really, really starting to loathe the Nielsen people.

For those of you who don't know who Nielsen is, you are a blessed lot, but in a nutshell (via Wiki):

Nielsen Media Research (NMR) is an American firm that measures media audiences, including television, radio, theatre films (via the AMC MAP program[citation needed]) and newspapers.

Basically what those people did yesterday is invade the house and hook up all the televisions and game consoles that weren't the PSP up, to see how much television we watch and games we play. Somewhat redundant to me- I know my own schedule pretty well and can guess, within an hour or two, how long I'll play video games this week. But whatever, that's what the family wanted to do.

If these people come anywhere near your house, take your PS2 and PS3, your 360's, and your Wiis, and run.

Now, there are two 360's in the house. One, my boyfriend's, is in the main room, hooked up to the big HD tv there. Mine is in our bedroom, hooked up to a weenie, 20 inch 480p flatscreen. (Or rather was, but that's explained later). Both of our 360's have run fine, and I was looking forward to spending my one day off this week playing Oblivion like the mindless moron that I am.

What happens instead? Well, my television- the first one I ever owned, and the only, which gave me some inane sense of sentimental value over it- gets broken. They laid it on its face and then all of the sudden, it won't turn on the screen. The television turns on and you get all that quasi-spooky, staticky 'sound' that they give, but the screen won't turn on. Keep in mind, this television was bought for one reason- to play my fucking 360. Good God, you had to break it? Thanks for ruining my week assholes, now I'm going to have to wait until my boyfriend is not playing his before I can get any action. Breaks a girl's heart, you know?

So he has to buy me a new one, which is NOT AS NICE as the one I had before. It has a rounded screen. Okay, I understand that I'm not an electrical engineer, but I'm pretty proficient with home electronics. I selected and bought our house's 5.1 surround system, and then I helped set it up. I know how to put in the WEP, blah blah blah, program DVD players and tivo, and so on and so forth. I'm pretty familiar with televisions, and I know when the picture isn't as crisp and bold as before. I wear glasses, not goddamned blinders. I don't know if it's because I'm a girl or because I don't wear a tag saying 'O HAI I AM KNOWLEDGABLE IN THE AREA OF WIRES', but I think the guy was a little surprised that I understood what was happening. WHICH WAS THAT YOU BROKE MY TELEVISION. Not only that, but he shredded my cables in the back, to the point where there was wire showing and he had to fix it. COME ON, PEOPLE.

So he gets me a new one, finishes setting up. Finally. I make my food, settle down, turn on my 360. It's acting a little weird, but whatever, it turns on. It freezes. I turn it off. Turn it back on.

Why hello, red ring of death. What's this? Oh, it's the three-red ring. Hardware failure? In my 360?


So yeah, I was pissed. First my television, now my console. Oblivion lies in my 360, taunting me that I can't blast daedra from fifty paces because some asshole in the real world HAS BROKEN EVERYTHING I LOVE. I call bf, who is at work, who becomes angry.

He comes home later, I start making dinner, it's a retarded domestic scene, but whatever. New Rock Band soon! I miss playing bass anyways, so it's not a total bust. I'm in another room when all I hear is 'WHAT THE FUCK.'

Guess what?

Red Ring of Death!

Three light red ring of death!

On a 360 that worked perfectly hours ago!

So we have two 360's that worked perfectly the day before yesterday which were moved and hooked up to God Knows What by someone that I'm not sure understood what the fuck they were doing- they had to call their boss because my television is a digital when most are analog or vice versa, and basically my television doesn't recieve signal. I get no channels, not even the free ones. Which I had to explain around six times. GAMING TELEVISION. THERE IS NOTHING ELSE THAT IT DOES BESIDES GATHER DUST AT AN ALARMING RATE.

I don't even like watching television. I'd rather read a book, douchebags.

So now what? It's midnight, he wants Rock Band and I want Oblivion, and we can't have either because the person who came to wire everything up is a complete moron and not only broke a television, but did something to our 360's.

And that something? Kind of bad. We hooked bf's 360 to another television. Red rings of death. Hardware failure. Whiskey tango foxtroooooooooooooooooooottttttt motherfuckers.

So now I've been up, on and off, since eight in the morning, calling people, getting rude responses. Use the towel trick? Fuck that shit, I don't want a short-term fix. Either fix my 360 now, Mr 'We Fix Shit Out Our Warehouse' Nielsen, or buy me a new one, and I fucking want it before I go to work. My bf has the next two days off and he wants to play his games, and I want to be able to play mine before I go to bed tonight. But it's more than a (possibly) immature desire to play. You broke it, you buy it. You move our consoles around, break both of them AND a television, and what do you tell me? Send it back to microsoft? Fuck you, we're not waiting six months for two repairs because your ass did something wrong. You come in, are rude as hell, chew up ten hours of our time, break our televisions, break our consoles, and it's not your fault?

Fuck you and your shitty customer service skills. Thanks to you, my only day off this week was fucked up and I have to get up, oh I don't know... * counts * five hours before I normally do, since I work late shifts. I'm not going to be held accountable because someone who didn't know what they were doing fucked shit up. Even you people admit that it's not likely that there were two spontaneous hardware failures within an hour of each other.   read

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