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4:29 AM on 05.14.2013

Essential Gamesroom Products

If you want a truly amazing gamesroom, then you have to kit it out to the max. With so many choices for gamesroom products it can be a difficult task to find which ones are right for you. But look no further, this is the essential guide to gamesroom products.

The Arcade Machine
Whether you like your stand-ups or your table-tops there are so many arcade machines out there to suit your needs. The best one to go for is one with multi-game capabilities and possibly with a PC inside to allow you to load your own games. There is also a PS3 compatible arcade machine, which allows you to load up your favourite PS3 games and play it with authentic arcade style joysticks and buttons.

High Definition Widescreen TV
The size of the TV will most likely depend on the size of the room. You may want to get one that is placed on your wall, so as not to take any of the floor space up. Make sure you get at least 1080p, and one of the latest super-flatscreen smart TVs, as they are generally hooked up to BBC iPlayer, Netflix, 4OD, ITV on-demand and pretty much any other streaming service via your internet connection. There are even some pretty nice Android OS TV's out there too. If you don't want to shell out the cash for a Smart TV then you can probably buy one of the TV Boxes like Apple TV or Google TV which turn pretty much any TV into a Smart TV.

Gaming Consoles
Kit out your room with the latest next-generation gaming consoles like the upcoming Sony PS4, Microsoft X-Box 720 or the Nintendo Wii U (the Wii U is actually out already). You can probably find a way to connect it up to your arcade machine or HDTV.

And you now have all the essentials for a complete gamesroom. Hope you enjoy your brand new gamesroom. And this is not an exhaustive list of what you can have, it's your personal space and you can have pretty much anything you want in it.   read

4:56 AM on 04.12.2013

Reliving those Retro Game Memories

I remember the times when I use to go to my local corner shop (a bit like a shop for little bits and bobs), and they had a Street Fighter II Champion Edition arcade machine in there. For 1 pound you could play 5 games, so me and my friends would be given a pound a day to go there and play. It was the place where we'd be at everyday after school, and we'd end up playing on the arcade and buying those cheap penny sweets. Those were the days. Unfortunately, times have changed, and the shop got rid of the arcade machine. Then I used to go to Trocadero near Leicester Square in central London, and that was a goldmine for arcade lovers. There were floors and floors of arcade gaming machines, it was simply heaven! But recently they shut down the arcade section of that place too.

Ever since then Iíve never really had a chance to get into some arcade gaming for a while, with the invention of consoles like the PS3 and the X-Box 360 which have pretty much revolutionized the whole gaming industry. Even more so the portable handhelds, why would someone go to an arcade when they could play HD games at home or on your mobile phone. But the thing all these next-gen consoles and technology lacked was the whole atmosphere and experience of arcade gaming!

With this at heart I set out to discover what happened to the whole arcade industry and how and why things have changed. The big names in the old industry had changed, they no longer focused on retro games, it was all about HD and flashy graphics. People play games online and not so much side-by-side and head-on-head like they used to.

However as of recent there has a been a large re-emergence of arcade games into the world, there are now people who manufacture arcade machines for the average consumer. There are also companies like Capcom who are revisiting their roots and bringing out re-packaged arcade games like the Capcom Arcade Cabinet, or even the Megaman versus Street Fighter (which is infact a free game).

In the future I think the retro games arena will be reborn and people will be returning to their roots to get back into arcade gaming.

Brought to you by Vagish Vela.   read

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