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1:07 PM on 12.05.2009

A visit to the Grand International Cosplay Ball

Last Sunday I attended a rather unusual invitation, that being the Grand International Cosplay Ball. This of course being something slightly outside of my usual remit but its the lifestyle of gamers, gaming and their associa...   read

5:30 PM on 11.20.2009

Can Forza 3 make you a better driver?

Earlier last week I was invited along to the historic Silverstone race track where Id get the opportunity to race Forza 3, then go onto the circuit and see how our skills had improved. As a racing fan this is always a wonder...   read

12:23 PM on 11.14.2009

MCM Expo musings

Wrote this a couple of weeks ago but thought I'd share it here, the MCM Expo has been running for several years now, from its humble beginnings the show has grown to a behemoth of, for want of a better word "creative culture"...   read

5:46 AM on 08.26.2009

Been playing Need For Speed Nitro

This year we've seen a significant stage in the evolution of the Need For Speed franchise, its now grown to such a level that one game simply can't please all and so the decision was made to break the franchise up enabling a ...   read

2:31 PM on 08.15.2009

Made a video of me playing Supercar Challenge

But then realised I couldn't embed it :/ so I thought I would list my impressions here and if you're interested you can see my brief hands on video here. 2009 is fast becoming one of the greatest ever years for racing fans b...   read

4:42 PM on 08.11.2009

Been playing Dirt 2

I feel like a broken record this year, every time a new bit of racing info comes out I go on about how competitive this scene is becoming, of course one of the front runners has now shown its hand. Colin McRae Dirt 2, this be...   read

5:25 AM on 08.03.2009

So I got to play Forza 3

It occurred to me that I still don't have any friends on here, its must be that that gaming nerd recluse from the 1980's that still lurks deep within or perhaps I'm just too lazy but I will get to it eventually and follow the...   read

10:15 AM on 07.30.2009

My impressions of Outrun Online Arcade

So after my Outrun recap I decided to have a bash on Outrun Online Arcade and write a little review too :) Originally launched in the arcade back in 2003, Outrun 2 came as a refreshing surprise, it represented a brief respit...   read

7:40 PM on 07.28.2009

Outrun Old and New

With the recent release of Outrun Online Arcade I felt it would be a good opportunity to look back at the heritage of the series and the aspects of this title that continue made it a classic loved by fans of the genre to this...   read

5:37 PM on 07.20.2009

Batman: Entering the Arkham Madhouse

Another week, another bunch of launches, last week I was lucky enough to go to both the 1 vs 100 launch and the Batman community day, I hadn't had the opportunity to play it before now but noted my day in the article below. :...   read

3:55 PM on 07.07.2009

Racing and Tecmo Bosom Love

It's been a few weeks since my last update, the majority of that time going into the new VVV Website which has now seen its soft launch in time for the summer. Good and bad, good that I have time to get organised, bad in that...   read

12:48 PM on 06.12.2009

Forza 3 reveal Le Mans while we see new shots of Shift

Games are like buses, you wait all day and then a whole load come along together, the driving genre seems to aptly represent this analogy and right now gamers are buzzing with the big titles around the corner. In a way its a ...   read

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