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VVVGamer avatar 12:23 PM on 11.14.2009  (server time)
MCM Expo musings

Wrote this a couple of weeks ago but thought I'd share it here, the MCM Expo has been running for several years now, from its humble beginnings the show has grown to a behemoth of, for want of a better word "creative culture". From anime, to gaming, Sci Fi to cosplay, everything is covered with the offering always expanding.

Having been several times myself, it can be a mixed bag so embarking on my journey I went along not knowing what to expect, always finding shows within the genre to be a mixed bag. These depending heavily on the product range displayed or the quality of entries to the ever popular and ever growing cosplay competitions. On arriving at Docklands Custom House Excel Center I immediately felt a huge buzz in the air, great waves of cosplay fans surrounding the venue.

Let us just add that Snow White is definitely the fairest of them all...

Battling through the huge crowds, everyone was having great fun with a friendly atmosphere, while mixing and open for a natter about any aspect of their given passion. Working my way into the main hall and it was encouraging to see support from games companies increasing in its variety, the Expo is an ideal opportunity to show off gaming wares to a more mixed audience and there's no doubt all who attended were glad they did, all around were positive comments, especially from key Community Managers. Indeed more than just playing games, Koei were selling a range of wares while running show activity really embracing the atmosphere of the show. Capcom, Namco Bandai and Sega also consolidating their ever dedicated following though alas the Bayonetta girl was not present, a missed opportunity but there were more than enough *ahem* sexy cosplay opportunities present.

Elsewhere on the show floor, we found a full size fully working Halo Warthog, a stunning replica of the iconic in-game vehicle; we had a chat with the owner and will be running more in-depth content relating to this soon. Indeed there were other automotive displays including the ever popular Ghostbusters car and a surprising replica of the Back to the Future Delorian, complete with all working internals and accurate movie props, a surprising but exciting find.

Of course from the many stands selling unique bitsín pieces to the all important cosplay competitions and this was an area that has always required investment, happily the organisers have finally addressed this issue with quite frankly the best organisation and selection of cosplay Iíve ever seen. Exquisitely designed costumes were all abound and great kudos to those who really pulled it off, indeed Iíve never seen so many attendees in costume and it demonstrates how the show continues to go from strength to strength, expect an even bigger turnout next year.

Overall itís a great day out, with the options to make new likeminded friends from a range of fantasy genres, but be warned you will need some spare cash as there are simply too many goodies on offer, I for one will be back next year but until then Iíll leave you with a range of pictures of our adventures.

So to finish off the day, how about a bit of music from a rather unusual band...

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