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12:49 AM on 10.30.2009

Playing in the previous generation

Greetings, thanks for visiting this space.

I've never had any "current" videogame console... when the N64 was the newest console on the market, I had a SNES. Then the PS2 the "Dolphin" and the XBOX were announced, and I still had my SNES... with no new games...
So, during a "Christmas" (more accurate "El día de reyes/Santos Reyes") my father gave to my brother and me a PS1... the gray, big one... but still was something great, a new console!

Then the PS3, X360 and Wii, we still had a PSX... until this January we bought a PS2...

So, I came here to talk about how we appreciate what we have... or how we should...
Lets "rewind" a bit... when I had a SNES and the console I wanted was a N64... I remember watching on TV, Saturday morning a show called "Nintendomania", and new games like Mario 64, Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Smash Bros were some of the highlights of the new console... and I was "stuck" with SNES games like Mario World, Mario All Stars and Street Fighter II.

But they were still great. Super Mario World was the greatest game for me in that time, it had a big world map, tons of different enemies, and even multiplayer. If I wanted something like Pokémon, I just went to get a Fire Flower and pretended the Fireballs were Pokéballs, Needed Pokémon Snap? just pause the game when a monster was doing something cool and draw them!

I still wanted those games, but I still appreciated what I had in the time.

Then I got a PS1, my first game for it was Megaman Legends 2. But there was already a Grand Theft Auto in the market, an open city where you can do whatever you want, I was thrilled. Then I discovered the starting city in the game, almost a little town of GTA, I could get over the buildings, I could enter to almost every one, I could even jump over them using the skates. It was almost the same (in that time, because I barely knew about GTA games).

I like Smash Bros a lot, but I've never had a console in which I can play them, so I searched a lot for games like that, and the only one that I liked was Digimon Rumble Arena,that its not the same, but it is still fun. Again, I wanted the original, but I still enjoyed what I had at that time.

It's kind of tough to play in the previous generation, specially when that generation "dies" and you see all the cool games that are launched everyday. I'd like to play the latest Grand Theft Auto, but the newest one I have is San Andreas, Elders Scrolls IV: Oblivion looks great, but I can only play Morrowind on my PC (with the lowest settings...), Street Fighter IV and Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, ahh... my "latest" fighter is Soul Calibur IV... and I can't find someone to play it with me...
Oh, and let's not forget about game series that I can't continue playing because they move to the newer generation, like Silent Hill Homecoming (even if they say its not as good, I like the story from what I've read), the new Castlevania, Metal Gear Solid, Mario, Zelda, etc...

Let's not forget about older generations, they still have plenty of great games, some are better than many current gen games and can be found cheap these days because... well, they're older and people tend to value at higher price newer games.
A new game was released and is too expensive, you don't have the console for it or... simply it is bad? There should be an alternative to it in a previous generation.

So, let's keep playing what we have...   read

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