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9:37 PM on 10.05.2008

The above picture is a snapshot of my current set up. I've since moved the lizards away from under the TV which helped eliminated glare problems and have hidden the speaker wires. As you can see that bookshelf is looking pretty packed with the cable box, 360, HDDVD player (Friends got me it for my birthday about a week before the format died), ps2, NES and all of the appurtenances associated with above mentioned devices. I just recently acquired a SNES with ~30 games that I need to get within close proximity to the tv. This is where you all come in.

I need ideas for an entertainment center/game storage unit that will fit either to one side of the tv, where the shelf is, or underneath the tv. Keep in mind that this is the main living room in the apartment and I need to make it look classy as well as functional. I need to store the following:
-NES - 2 Controllers, 2 Zappers ~20 games
-PS2 - 2 Controllers, ~10 games
-XBOX360+HDDVD Player - ~25 games
-SNES - 2 Controllers, ~30 games (I was thinking of storing the games with the labels facing out by super gluing dust covers to some kind of plywood backing/veneer, but that's still up for debate)
-Cable Box
-~75 DVD's

What kind of strategies have you all employed to store your massive tributes to the electronic arts? I'm open to all ideas/hybrids (shelves, wall mounted units, more horizontal, more vertical, whatever) Crappy paint drawings with descriptions welcome. Once I get some ideas I'll draft up an isometric and share it.

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