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V3r1n avatar 12:11 PM on 09.11.2007  (server time)
Metroid Brings teh future

It's rare that a game can bring you in and make you feel like an actual part of the action. Metroid Prime Corruption does this in fantastic fashion with it's innovative Wiimote layout and aiming. At first glance, the game seemed to be just another Wii title that attempts to use the "form batton" in a few new ways. This title actually innovates the way fps' are played on the Wii.

At first I found myself running around blasting and everything in sight without paying much attention to aiming. Needless to say that the game on Veteran was a bit tougher than I anticipated because of the new control scheme, but soon I found myself aiming, locking on and just plain pwning every little baddie that came my way. There is also something to be said about using the doors in metroid which involves pulling, turning, and pushing a lever. Also, the first time that I encountered a shielded enemy, I immediately went into the grapple movement to pull the shield away... somehow I just knew that it would work and the game didn't have to give me any hint to do it. This was one of those points where I realized that I had just mimicd the exact movement that I wanted to make in a game, and the game followed my movements. That's freakin mind boggling to me. If you have come up to me when I was playing Super Mario Brothers 3 on NES and said, "In 10 years, you'll be able to control your on screen character by simply doing what you want them to do," I would have kicked you in the head for promising such interaction between player and video game. Truth is though, that this kind of control is available... today... on wii... and Metroid is one of the first true sucesses for my little trapazoidal white box.

It's still early in this "next generation" of video games, but what could possibly come in the "next next generation" is beyond me...

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