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UselessKor avatar 5:15 PM on 02.29.2008  (server time)
FNF - TF2 - F**king Scouts Edition.

Exactly how I like my scouts.

As a change of pace tonight, I'll be running the show, as Caff is out of town for various reasons that were explained to me, but since forgotten and have substituted for more colourful explanations that are decidedly more entertaining. I'll apologize in advance if any hiccups that may occur due to my ignorance about rcon commands. Unless there's a large demand for any pickups, we'll stick to pugging.

As for our contest, is still continues, but time draws short! For those that think their out of the race, take if from me, all of the following names can easily have RL "complications" for the right price! :p

Current Leaders

1. SPORE - 1614
2. cannibalcalvin - 1370
3. Mission Difficult - 1359
4. Jazx - 827
5. ``SanityMask - 742

As usual the party starts at 9pm EST.

Time: 8pm Central
Server: - TF2 - Pew Pew Pew
Password: alsococks

As a postscript, I blame Caff for forcing me to actually make my worthless clog space viewable. The hate will stay down deep.

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