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9:29 AM on 12.23.2013

Help Me Help A Dtoider For Christmas

Happy Holidays to you all. I don't blog too much but I've had the urge to ask for help for this Dtoider for a while. He's been around for a long time, probably gamed with some of you. But, I doubt most of you know of his situation.

Now I've known this for about a year, and in that time I've sent what little money I could and as many games as I could because believe it or not gaming helps take his mind of his situation. Ramen is a luxury sometimes for this man, I wish I was exaggerating. 

And don't get me wrong, he's tried to get his situation resolved. Due to his condition he couldn't even work a part time job at Wal-Mart. He was finally able to see a doctor by getting into a group that sponsors doctors visits for the needy, but the doctor he got doesn't believe his condition is that bad and won't recommend him for disability(even though it's a covered illness on the disability website). She gave him antibiotics, not even pain meds, and it's known antibiotics do nothing for this condition.

I'm sure some of you are wanting a name by now, and I'm sorry to say he wishes to remain anonymous, which is why it's wrecked my brain figuring out a way to set up something with donations for him. So my pledge to all who donate(money,games,food,etc) is I will document every donation and show you that it was sent to this dtoider. I will be using my personal PayPal(he doesn't have a bank account to even set up PayPal) and will show every transaction. If the donations get big enough I will open a separate account just for this at my local Credit Union(almost zero fees that way). 

I know it's a lot to ask for help around Christmas, but this dude hasn't had one in years. I sent him a couple of games and will try to send some money, but I'd like to make it a good one for him. I'm hoping to raise enough so he can afford a real doctor for a second opinion and hopefully get on disability. Google(images too) the disease and you will see why the need for anonymity and the reason work is hard to come by. 

My Paypal:
[email protected]

My Personal Email for food/game donations(so you can get an address)
[email protected]

Thanks in advance to all those who can help.


2:00 PM on 04.10.2013

You Should Play Call Of Duty With Us- Dtoid Community

Courtesy of De Bloo/ Hector Garfria

Yeah, we roll in them doodies. We mostly hang on the forums but we're always looking for more people to play with. There is nothing like going into pubs with most of the lobby being your friends. If you like friendly competition, brotherhood and sisterhood, and shitting on other teams because we roll deep join us!

Black Ops 2 Thread:

Some other hijinks we've participated in:


12:04 PM on 03.27.2013

Why I As A Christian Support Gay Marriage(NVGR/Politics)

Excuse me while I rant, unedited and not pre-written as I had planned to for months now on the subject.

My COD emblem

I'm a Christian. Probably not a good one among my peers but it is what it is. This gay marriage issue is something I side with gay people on based on two fronts:

1.Political: We as Christians/Conservatives whatever you want to label it have allowed the shadiest of people to represent us based on opposing social issues like gay marriage. People who swindle us with promises of not letting traditional marriage die while using that morality as a cover to further drive our country over the edge and bankrupt it. I want gay marriage to pass because in the grand scheme of things it is an issue that should have never been one. With all of the things wrong in society that so desperately deserve our attention this issue should be passed in favor of gay marriage so we can start focusing on the more important things like economy. These social issues which honestly the government has little business being involved in anyway dominate most of our discussion, and it's a giant waste of time much akin to the Congressional panel on steroids in baseball. It is a non-issue turned into something huge in this bizarro reality we inhabit today. Let the gays have marriage rights. I am personally sick of something so personal being micromanaged by political agendas and being used to keep a great deal of us tied to failed politics.

2.Religious: I feel that my relationship with God/Jesus is a personal one. One for me. That does not extend to those outside of me. As such, I don't feel our traditions and personal laws, though basis for some of our current laws, should be forced on others. I fully understand a church not wanting to wed same-sex couples, and I have no problem with that. But beyond that, there shouldn't be a beyond that. Allow me to be blasphemous for a moment but I don't believe gays are just going to end up in hell. I could be wrong, but regardless that is a personal decision between that person and their beliefs. Who are we as Christians to demand that they honor our ways? Do you really believe there will be special rewards in heaven for all who stopped some D's going into so A's from getting married? I also do not feel that Jesus would have liked his beliefs being used to deny rights of others on a legal scale in the form of government. Yes, under our religion homosexuality is frowned upon and outright shunned, but that is OUR RELIGION. Not law of the land unless you choose it be for yourself.

/rant. Apologies if anyone is offended, by content or just bad unplanned writing. This is an oversimplified version of an essay I've had in my head for a long time now. <3   read

2:28 PM on 07.18.2010


I want to post in the Super Street Fighter 4 thread about Gears. Then get trolled by Bloo.

I want to post in the Bar about how drunk I got finishing off a bottle of Vodka. Then listen to similar stories and hope Bloodspray did some coke off of a hot strippers chest.

I want to look at all the gorgeous ladies Kpax and Hardcore post in the Hottest Chicks thread. Then see an Ellen Page troll post by Gyrael.

I want to see Sam and Buddha do it in the Pictures thread.

I want to see the Bar overrun with nude pics of fellow Dtoiders. Then get them all taken away again.

I want to rate someone's avatar and talk shit about the person above me.

I want to post my new workout routine in the Fitness thread.

I want my forums back. Taste the rainbow.

12:36 AM on 07.05.2010

360 Arcade for $100 (shortblog)

Target messed up on a ad apparently and are offering a 360 arcade model for $130 with a $30 gift card.
Here's the link from$30-gift-card

Sorry for the shortness, but I figured some of you might want to pick up a 360.   read

6:14 PM on 02.13.2010

A little rhyme/poem inspired by Dante's Inferno

After spending some time on Dante's Inferno in hellish mode (hard as hell for me), these words came to me. Hope you enjoy!


Got the golden gift but everything I touch turns from a stone setting into facial reconstruction
That can only be molded by the emulsion of blistered sleep walking
No souls just incandecent light bulbs who would like you to believe there is no higher order no higher
But I've seen through the puppets followed the strings
All the way up to the Gepetto who lost all faith and wants others to drown in his misery
Can't believe how many are still listening to these false prophets
Guard your heart or you will lose it

Don't speak from the seat of a saint far from it
I'll be welcomed at hell's gates but they won't realize I'm here to burn this motherfucker down
Will not go quitely into the darkness I'll hold my lantern high to light the way for other travelers on the path
to redemption
Set myself on fire to become the beacon if needed
Be the last one leaving hell still breathing

J.Hart 02/13/10

Maybe when I finally unpack all of my music stuff, I'll put some sounds to it and share.


10:04 PM on 11.08.2009

My Daughter was born today!(NVGR)

Lilianna Susanne Lyssa Hart. Our first. She's 6lbs12ounces and came out after only 30 minutes of labor. Another gamer has been born. Now feel free to add Pedobear to the images in the comments lol


10:22 PM on 09.19.2009

DDDrrrunnkkk Bllloooggg





I kiss all you miutherfuckesrs.

And now, I'm bak inta lifting, so thank you.

I'll rep DTOID wherevers I go. PEACCES.   read

11:11 PM on 08.24.2009

Why I love Destructoid

Because these 2 guys made me laugh so hard I shit and piss myself on multiple occasions. Not to mention the awesome people I have met from the site.   read

2:33 PM on 11.11.2008

In response to Jim's "Gears Fans Angry" article

Let me preface this by saying that Gears of War 2 is an awesome game. Epic did many, many things right this time around. I love the new weapons, Horde, campaign, new characters, etc. But Jim, I think you took people bitching about the shotgun as the only complaint against the game, but that is not the case. I personally couldn't care less about the shotgun, as I rarely used it in my 2 years of faithful Gears 1 playtime. I was a lancer/pistol guy myself.

Anyway, my point is that there are some very valid complaints that seemed to go ignored in you article. The main complaint(for myself anyway) is matchmaking. Now, I fully agree with matchmaking for ranked games, as it helps even out team-stacking and supposedly host advantage. My complaint is the lack of options. I, and many others, would like a server list a la Gears 1 for non-ranked/public matches. Yes, I know Gears 2 has private matches, but there is no way to search for them and only your friends can join. I love playing with a team of friends against random people, not just people on my friends list. I also like to play mainly execution, as I do not care for warzone. But, with the current system, it is all a vote, and only for 2 options that the server chooses. Now, I know some people love the matchmaking, and that's awesome. But Epic should give those of us who do not require as much "hand-holding" a server list. Let us pick our options and search to see if anyone is hosting with those options. A forum poster over at the official Gears forums said it best:

"1. Cant decide game type.

2. Cant decide map.

3. Cant decide what side I want to be.

4. Cant decide the number of rounds.

5. Cant decide if I want to host or not.

6. Cant decide between ranked or unranked.

7. Cant decide what server I play on.

8. Cant decide server based on ping.

9. Cant decide bleed out time.

10. Cant even quit if I need to.

11. FFS I cant even stay and the end of a match if I want to."

Also, the chainsaw is a huge problem. And the only reason is because it does not lower when the person is hit. I have watched numerous times where a person will run across the map with his chainsaw revved and not miss a beat while walking through lancer fire, shotgun fire, pistol fire, and hell, even a whole clip of flamethrower fire. It really does need to have a damage stop for the thing.

I will agree again about the shotgun. But, only to an extent. Yes, it was severely overpowered/inconsistent in Gears 1. But, that's no reason to make it damn near useless. "Useless" may sound extreme, but I've seen numerous youtube videos of offline play where point-blank aimed shotgun shots do nothing. Much less what I've seen with my own eyes. And, as a personal opinon, but definitely not a request, I feel the active-down sniper should have remained the same. Only because of the ability to crawl away would now cancel out any active-whore sniping techniques from the first Gears. I personally felt that making the sniper down someone was what made it a power weapon. But, again, that's just a personal pet-peeve, not really anything that needs to be addressed like what was mentioned above. I only ask that you don't lump the legitimate complaints in with the "OMG I can't HOST shotgun no morez" complaints. Thanks for your time.   read

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