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Usedtabe avatar 9:15 AM on 04.02.2014  (server time)
Today I come to you as a Loser(Contest for SP:Stick Of Truth)

Hi Cblogs! Tubby/Latrell/Table/whatever you like here with an introduction to a new project with another Dtoider, and a chance to win South Park: The Stick of Truth.

 Besides being on Lower Tier Podcast, I've been doing some video work and learning how to edit game footage and all that jazz since acquiring a capture card. Fellow Dtoider Brutal2D reached out to me with the idea of making video content related to gaming but in many different styles and variations. And so, Losers Of Virginity, or LOV, was born. 

In addition to singing to young ladies on COD to let me wear their Hello Kitty panties and play with them via Kinect, our channel wants to branch into reviews, let's plays, walkthroughs, and montages like above. 

Contest Time!!!!!
Brutal2D has a copy of the collector's edition of Stick of Truth for the Xbox 360 to give away. Bear in mind, it's just the game(unopened) and the exclusive DLC, he snatched the toys as you can see in his review of it here:

So if you would like a chance at a free copy of Stick of Truth and the exclusive collector's edition DLC that came with it, here's what you need to do:

1. Like and Subscribe to the channel, follow us on Twitter( and check out our blog at
(If you don't have twitter subscribing to the channel is the most important part)

2. Tell us your favorite episode of South Park, and if you were in a fantasy world, what class you would be and why

3. Be in the US, or have someone we can send the game to in the US who can get it to you.

Thanks for watching and reading!

- Tubby

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