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Currently a 23 year old male, Christopher Allen, aka Urashima, has been gaming nearly all his life. Quite partial to RPGs, Urashima has been known to dabble in many JRPGs, especially any and all tri-Ace releases. He's also been known to play a bit of World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XI. Currently working two jobs, he whiles away his free time either reading up on games, playing games, and when the mood strikes him, he has been known to write a blog post or two, only to then delete those and start over, hampering the actual posting process.

It should also be noted that he holds a big interest in Anime, Figures, Drawing, and Self-deprecation in the name of humor.

Did I mention he's fat and very, very white?

Anyway, he's clearly getting tired of writing about himself in the third person, so relax, enjoy the blog and watch some Lucky Star, if you fancy that sort of thing.

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11:32 AM on 02.09.2008

Seriously, go to the official Capcom blog and cast your Vote to have a US exclusive Roll Caskett themed costume that will appear in their upcomming Wii title, We Love Golf! (If you haven't already. :P) The poll is split into two polls, Male and Female. So while you're voting for Roll, put in a vote for a non-Ken releated male character choice on that poll as well! (Seriously, Ken would suck as the basis for an alternate costume! Now Balrog or Captain Commando on the other hand....)

Now, It's not so much I'm really much on Golf games, but I am a huge fan of the Mega Man Legends series, and I still say that they were the last of the great Mega Man brand of games (though ZX wasn't that bad). So I want to show Capcom that Roll, and the Mega Man Legends series, has not been forgotten! (That and another MML game would be great, too. :P)

Morrigan is over used and she already had a Darkstalker's release this generation (on the PSP)! Ashley has been in the same game on three different systems, including one this generation! Cammy is....well....frankly, I just don't give a damn about Cammy. As for Rouge, well, another Power Stone wouldn't be a bad thing (although both games were put into the Power Stone Collection game for the PSP, that's not a true new release.) Alas, Roll and the MML crew have only had two ports to the PSP that were Japanese only releases!

A Vote for Roll is a vote for another Mega Man Legends release! Whether it be a localization of the Japanese ports or an entirely new game altogether!

Thanks to Jonathan Holmes' post that brought this poll to my attention. (I'm not trying to take votes away from Balrog, honest! This is just for the female poll. :P)

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