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I'm a graduate of Oklahoma State University with a Journalism BA and a minor in Japanese.

So far the best job I have gotten out of this is overnight restock at Wal-Mart.

Now I'm writing part time for Nukezilla and the Choctaw Times. You may note that this newspaper is so small it doesn't even have its own website.

I thought it was a good time to revive my C-Blog, so here I am.
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In 2012 I plan to finally atone for one of my longstanding gaming sins: I've never finished a Final Fantasy game.

Or Dragon Quest/Warrior for that matter. Or Mass Effect. Or KotOR. Or really anything from the genre since the "Rouge-like" RPG was king.

It's not that I don't like RPGs either. I loved Final Fantasy 7. I poured hours into the PC version of that back in the late 90s. I probably would have finished it, but every time I made it to the third disc, like Sisyphus pushing his boulder, a virus, hard drive crash or other calamity would eat my save or require a reformat, forcing me to start from scratch.

Heck, I made it a year and a half or so into a D&D campaign with some friends. I'd still be in that campaign, but I moved, so Yngwie the Dragonborn got put on the shelf for a while.

This gaming specific ADD hasn't stopped me from buying new RPGs either. Just from where I'm sitting I can see Persona 3 & 4, Dragon Quest 8, Koudelka, Final Fantasy 3 DS, Valkeria Chronicles, and probably a half-dozen others buried in my back-log pile. Then there's all the stuff on my Steam account and the Baldur's Gate series leering at me from my virtual shelf over at GOG, so it's not like I have a shortage of strong options.

So for 2012 I am resolving to finish at least three RPGs: one fantasy themed, one space themed, and one weird one.

For the fantasy one, I'm thinking Final Fantasy 6. I always hear it is one of the best, and after multiple failed attempts at the seventh main entry in the series, I think it might be jinxed toward me.

For space I'm taking Mass Effect. Everyone seems to love them, and I've heard more than a few critics say that this might be the best new franchise of this generation. Well, when they aren't saying that about Uncharted. Or Gears of War. Or Assassin's Creed. Or about anything else they can drum up hyperbole for. The point is, I hear Mass Effect is really good and it will make a nice change of pace after a game from the mid-90s.

Finally, something weird. Since I already own Persona 3:FES and Persona 4, one of those will be a good way to go. I've heard great things about both, but a best of five coin-flip (don't ask, I'm not sure why I went with it either) told me to go with Persona 4. Again, I've heard great things about it, it looks weird, and it has anime and manga spin-offs and an upcoming fighting game using its characters, meaning it either really is that good, or it's being marketed to death and I only have about a year to enjoy it before it's ruined forever.

So there they are: three gaming New Year's Resolutions to get myself back on track. Start, and finish, three great RPGs and finally get this monkey off my back.

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