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UncleMilkshake's blog

6:54 PM on 09.18.2009

Dark Forces/Jedi Knight Saga: DF Level 1

Released in 1995 for the PC, Star Wars: Dark Forces chronicles the adventures of everyone's favorite not-yet-bearded mercenary, Kyle Katarn. Taking place before Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, this is a First-Person Sho...   read

8:36 AM on 09.18.2009

Dark Forces/Jedi Knight Saga: Intro

Recently, LucasArts released the entire Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series of games. Feeling the itch to pick up a blaster, wield a lightsaber, and Force-Push some Stormtroopers until they Wilhelm scream, I've decided to start...   read

6:26 PM on 09.12.2009

Owning a PSP: Gone and Back Again

A few years ago, after reading a Destructoid article about Castlevania Chronicles for the PSP, I bought a PSP 2000 series. I enjoyed the games on the system, was let down a bit by Crisis Core (despite enjoying its Parasite E...   read

6:33 PM on 09.04.2009

Dragon Age: Origins (PAX Demo Impressions)

Hello, I am Uncle Milkshake, a Dtoider at PAX for the first time. I had a chance to try the Dragon Age: Origins demo for the 360 after a two hour wait in line. After ten minutes of a lecture flavored with text, I got a chan...   read

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