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  • Introduction: The Villain You All Deserve

      6:06 PM on 04.04.2011

    Hello. Chances are that if you are reading this, you're a loser. If you have a pulse and a brain stem, then chances are you definitely not cooler than I am. I'm the epitome of of a man. Women throw themselves at my feet, and I rebuke them with my awesome will. The common harlots which litter this planet are not worthy of my seed, and I also don't have any "friends." Why bother? They are nothing but a burden on those with super powers such as myself.

    Anyways, video games. I play them. If I do not love a video game, I demand my money back. I always succeed because it's just easier to give me back my money than it is to try and withstand the horrific verbal assaults I am capable of. My favorite video game is not of this plane of existence. It lies elsewhere, waiting to be awakened by me as it only exists to please me.

    I still play video games, nonetheless. I have an eggsbawks and a Wii. I will not get a PS3 because it has no games.

    I hate this place. The person I hate the most is one HandsomeBeast. He's an idiot and a moron and also, he is me. If you are reading this, it is only because you went out of your way to investigate a comment which did not sit well with you. I will, therefore, destroy you through sheer will power through the series of tubes that is the internet.


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