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Xbox 360 Maximum Discs for title Reached!!!

Some of you may already know and for those that don’t, Lost Odyssey will consist of 4 Dual Layer Discs for a 50 hour long game. I don’t have a problem with 4 disc’s considering this is a RPG but if it was anything else then I...


I’m embarrassed for you Wii owners...

Are you kidding me? The Nintendo Wii started out “trying to do something different” yet it appeared they were keeping it real by having Zelda as a launch title. Now Nintendo is 100% full force casual games full steam ahead...


DRM and PC BioShock!

As many of you are aware the PC version of Bioshock contains DRM 3rd party crap ware that limits you to install it 2 times. You can uninstall it which doesn’t always work to maybe get one of your installs back but good luck i...


The Scoop On The 5 Free Blu-Ray Movies!

For those wondering about the 5 free Blu-Ray movies for purchasing a PS3 I received them today. The total time it took to receive them from the day I sent the rebate form in the mail has been exactly 3 weeks. Together th...


2 Free Halo 3 Action Figures!

In today’s Sunday paper I noticed the retail chain store Target is offering 2 free Halo 3 action figures for placing a $10.00 deposit on the preorder! The action figures are exclusive to Target and can be picked up on release...


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Hi, I'm an old school gamer who is growing older each year, thank god I still haven't out grown gaming...right? I have retained my passion for all things gaming related.

I’m a multi console lover who plays it all! My favorite flavor is FPS but am really interested in blending of genres. I’m a sick blend of old school meets future tech whore and I like it like that!

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