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9:22 PM on 01.08.2008

Pioneer HTS-GS1 Surround System for Xbox 360 Review

I ordered this surround sound system for the ridiculously low price of $89.99 and free shipping via and what I received for what I paid just blows my mind.

The system is visually and functionally themed to go with the Xbox 360. The goal in mind from Pioneer was clearly to save space without cutting down on the features. The system includes everything you need including extras such as rear wall speaker mounts and a optical cable.

The space saving is a plus due to all the main receiver features being contained into the subwoofer. You get a small interface panel that is light and small that fits easily onto of your 360. The sound this system produced was overly impressive. I was able to crank the volume very high with little to no distortion. I have a medium/large living room and the unit fits the bill perfectly. Other features include:

-Microphone automatic calibration setup.
-Front stage surround that mimics surround without the need to place speakers behind you.
-Quality sound for a medium size living room.
-A remote that will control your TV, 360 and the surround.

Over all this system is worth a buy. You can find it on the net for around $99.99 and that’s a steal considering it was released at $499.99. Games will come to life, you can detect what directions something approaches and bullets will whiz buy in digital glory.


-Nice universal remote that works great for the 360.
-Compact space saving design.
-3 digital inputs.
-beautiful sound quality.


-Sub will have to be near the TV due to it also being the receiver.
-For this price there really isn’t any.

I would also like to add that this system will out do most $300.00 department store surround sounds in a box and I know this from experience. A must buy if you need surround sound!

My Original Review/W Pic   read

8:05 AM on 09.21.2007

Xbox 360 Maximum Discs for title Reached!!!

Some of you may already know and for those that don’t, Lost Odyssey will consist of 4 Dual Layer Discs for a 50 hour long game. I don’t have a problem with 4 disc’s considering this is a RPG but if it was anything else then I wouldn’t tolerate it.

Part of me enjoys the time when RPG Multi discs were common and was excited about working my way to disc 2. It seems that 4 disc’s is the highest number RPG’s will go to comparing to generations of the past and seeing that limit finally met on DVD is both exciting and a sign that new media is needed soon.

If developers ever decide to make epic first/third person shooter, action, adventure, MMO’s ect… that need to breech into multiple discs then it becomes annoying to swap. But to be honest I only see multiple disc being needed for a single player experience but having to back track a disc to play multiplayer would kind of suck.

In a nut shell…very soon we may be seeing why Blu-Ray and HD-DVD are needed. I guess we will see. What do you guys think about the 4 disc limit being hit???   read

7:10 PM on 09.20.2007

Halo 3 - 18 min 720P vid of video playback by the dev's

Not sure if this has been posted or not but here is a long 18 minute HD video of the Halo 3 Campainge mode depicting the video playback features by the Devs. It's pretty big so only available by torrent form.

Not indepth enough to be a destructive spoiler but I'll tag this as "spoiler" anyway due to some single player action shown, but like I said nothing that will ruin anything for you.

enjoy! Halo3-Demo   read

10:59 AM on 09.13.2007

AO Content's Secret Backdoor onto your Console!

I was posting on another rating related blog when I decided to start my own to go in-depth with my theories.

Allot of you believe we will never see an AO rated game in our local retailer because of various reasons that include, parents won’t shop there anymore, stock holders, companies getting bad rep, blah blah blah. Well I don’t agree If you take the history of gaming content, Violence, Sexually themes and Language and put it on a graph you would see that there is a line sloping up at a constant rate. With that said why would any of you think the line is done and ready to go flat? Every year there is more adult content in games but yet some of you are brainwashed into thinking we hit a peak? But regardless…

the next biggest thing that is always overlooked is User Created Content. If you can make whatever you want, paint it however you like and mold your creation for the world to see, then you have just been introduced to the secret back door that AO rated content can sneak into.

This isn’t an easy situation because you will have publishers, service providers and developers all trying in some way or another to maintain order and try to enforce guidelines. This is extremely hard because you have free speech, the rules/guidelines that come with the software and trying to monitor the whole situation to contend with. If someone buys a user created content game but makes something offensive that wasn’t in the rules/guidelines and looses his privilege to play what he paid for then his rights have been violated.

Just think about it, there’s always something that offends someone. I believe that this will be the backdoor that allows AO content in and all while coming from the store with just a Mature rating.

DON’t TELL ME THEY WON’T EVER ALLOW THIS!!! Because it happens almost every time you play UNO on Xbox live arcade. You know what im talking about…AO content is already on the 360 every minute of the day! Ohhh and please remind me what rating UNO has…ohhh yeah it’s sold as a “E” for everyone… lol and more lol. AO is just around the corner if not on your console this minute!   read

11:00 AM on 09.09.2007

I’m embarrassed for you Wii owners...

Are you kidding me? The Nintendo Wii started out “trying to do something different” yet it appeared they were keeping it real by having Zelda as a launch title. Now Nintendo is 100% full force casual games full steam ahead with Moms as there new focus.

Ummm…Lol? I don’t know what to say other than im embarrassed for any of you Wii owners. Nintendo is making a joke out of gaming in my opinion and there are a ton of Dev’s who are now using there valuable time making these so called “casual games”.

I see ad’s like the one above all the time and I just hope this doesn’t cause a negative hit in hardcore games. Most say this is good for the games industry…lets just hope there right and we don’t end up playing Halo party 4 or Call of Duty soldier Fitness.

Just a thought.   read

11:57 AM on 09.01.2007

Just how long is "next gen" going to be used to explain "current gen"???

Seriously! This is just ridiculous. What the hell will the real next gen be called when the time comes around? Ohhh and who started whole “next gen” crap? This term was never used when going from N64 to Dreamcast or PS2. We usually always have seen a double in power, sure this new leap was beyond that but…c’mon!

With the 360 going on it’s second year it’s just silly to keep using a introductory term constantly with no end in sight. So im curious to see what the almighty trend setter guru comes out with to explain the real next gen because the term “next gen” can’t be used because it’s permanently stuck on explaining this current gen.

So in the best interest of freeing the captive phrase “next gen” I beg you to let anyone who uses it know they are not making sense and unknowingly keeping a term captive that is needed to explain the next transition in gaming! Free next gen and accept nothing less.

AND to anyone who keeps using it: you don’t make sense or are in denial…let it go…it will be alright!   read

12:35 PM on 08.26.2007

Folklore Demo Impressions: For the PS-Duce + 1

Well I have been playing around with the upcoming PS3 demo Folklore and the title certainly has possibilities and is in need of some definite fixes. Folklore is a 3rd person action/adventure game with heavy traces of RPG elements.

The graphics, art direction and effects are very eye pleasing with rich vibrant colors and extremely unique creatures/monster’s that riddle the land. I did encounter some slow down during some graphic intensive moments but im sure this will be polished up on the final build.

The sound has me a little confused as I don’t know if they ripped all the audio out of the dialog system to bring the file size down or it just doesn’t have any. There is no way to really confirm this as of yet. During any unfriendly encounters this Final Fantasy 7ish music kicks in that is kind of goofy and doesn’t really match with the game all that well in my opinion.

The Camera system needs some definite work done. I really hope this is corrected when it comes out because it puts some serious ruin on what could be a decent and fresh game.

I really enjoy the whole stealing souls and absorbing powers thing they have going on and pretty much all of the game’s inhabitants are original with a high level of fantasy. Leveling up, items and options in the battle field are plentiful and fun to put together unique combos of attacks using the different folk powers you have collected. This is also the best use of the motion control that feels good and makes sence.

If I had to try and compare it with another title it would be most similar to Kameo: Elements of power. It shares many combat aspects but still keeps it’s originality without a problem.

Overall I had a fun time playing it and will purchase it granted the shady camera system is corrected and more fluid.   read

11:00 AM on 08.26.2007

Waking Up To COD4 Beta Baby!

However for some damn reason I can't download the sucka! but I shall keep trying.

did this happen to anyone else?

I hooked my DVR finaly - so expect some goodies soon =)   read

8:32 PM on 08.23.2007

PSP Permanently Hacked - The Battle is Over!

Explained in detail here -


The constant back and forth between PSP hackers and Sony's firmware upgraders may finally be over, with victory going to the hackers. The folks over at N00bz have released Pandora's battery, a downloadable exploit that creates a memory stick and battery combo that can downgrade any PSP back to the extremely hackable version 1.5 firmware. Even better, the hack will fix PSPs that have been "bricked" by previous failed hacks and "will continue to work for all future firmwares," according to the developers.

Wow! no more back and forth - Let the home brew begin!!!   read

5:45 PM on 08.23.2007

DRM and PC BioShock!

As many of you are aware the PC version of Bioshock contains DRM 3rd party crap ware that limits you to install it 2 times. You can uninstall it which doesn’t always work to maybe get one of your installs back but good luck if your system crashes or you have to reformat without uninstalling because then you will have to call up securom to explain your not a pirate and you want to play your game.

There is a 400 page complaint on the 2k forums found here

DRM should be illegal, Write your congressman and let him know you don’t support it and it is a violation of your rights. If you have Bioshock on the 360 good for you you can play it in any Xbox 360 as many times as you want and you can even exercise your right to resell it which you can’t do with the DRM crap PC version.

I would also like to add that 2K is in violation of there own end-user agreement and you should complain about this if your effected.

DRM is Junk and takes your rights away. Is it your property when you buy it? Not the PC version because you can’t resell it like you can any other game.

If you support DRM your Dumb and brainless, your mother didn’t love you, you work for a greedy company that just loves killing the used game market or all of those.

Ohhh yeah Fuck DRM!   read

6:04 PM on 08.20.2007

The Scoop On The 5 Free Blu-Ray Movies!

For those wondering about the 5 free Blu-Ray movies for purchasing a PS3 I received them today. The total time it took to receive them from the day I sent the rebate form in the mail has been exactly 3 weeks.

Together the $100 price cut on the 60 gig model and this movie offer was enough for me to give in. Not a bad deal and im happy with the purchase. The movies are sent the cheapest way possible via USPS so don’t expect UPS or FedEx as they will be in your mail box.   read

10:48 AM on 08.19.2007

2 Free Halo 3 Action Figures!

In today’s Sunday paper I noticed the retail chain store Target is offering 2 free Halo 3 action figures for placing a $10.00 deposit on the preorder! The action figures are exclusive to Target and can be picked up on release day!

There is no pictures of what these figures look like but this certainly is a reason to pre order. I’m usually against the whole pre order make interest off me thing but this one seems worth it. Supplies are limited so hurry down and reserve your copy of Halo 3 if you haven’t yet.

*Please not only regular and Limited editions are available.

I’m curious how Target scored this exclusive give away? They must really want to get into the pre order biz.   read

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