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UglyDuck's blog

9:28 PM on 03.17.2009

Maturity in Video Games (Podtoid Question)

I kinda feel a little self conscious writing this because it seems a bit self-referential, but whatever. I knew the question would come out wrong on Podtoid, so allow me to clarify. The question I asked boiled down to: When...   read

1:09 PM on 03.14.2009

One Week Memory: Playstation 2 Rumours

Last time I said that Shit be unreal. Right now, Shit be dipping its toe in the waters of real, wearing gold plated armbands of respect and wearing jewel encrusted goggles of some other hip-hop term Iím not down with. Simpl...   read

12:22 PM on 03.13.2009

One Week Memory: Left 4 Dead

I donít like games magazines at all. The price is a major off-put, they are slow - often weeks late with the big news and they are no better written than most online publications. The additional numerous mistakes and typos ...   read

3:55 PM on 03.08.2009

I think there's a hidden message in all this

(I didn't actually want to post it as a separate blog, but the article has gone over 50 comments and my set up doesn't like the Next 50 Comments button)   read

5:02 PM on 02.14.2009

A Fun Game

Arena Wars is fun, attractive and simple, yet infinitely replayable. Put simply, itís what Unreal Tournament would be like if it was an RTS. The true depth, however, is something you experience by playing it. It isnít a Tri...   read

10:46 AM on 01.12.2009

Seven Ways to Get More Fun Out of Left 4 Dead

A few weeks ago, I was playing through No Mercy on Expert for what was probably the twelfth time, and I realised I wasnít having any fun any more. This was probably because I had been burning through the same map over and o...   read

12:47 PM on 12.21.2008

Why the Coitus is Athiestium still Gamer of the Month?

Testicles in a set off tooth pliers. This is the BIGGEST outrage I have ever been burdened with in ALL MY LIEF. Did the moon suddenly jump back a few thousand miles and slow to a crawl in order to acclimatise to the new "La...   read

11:42 AM on 12.21.2008

Beyond Good and Evil 2 Finally Greenlit

Beyond Good and Evil has been Greenlit after several months of delays and speculation. It has had a rough ride. The original was released in Q4 of 2003 to massive critical acclaim and poor sales. If you haven't played it, go...   read

5:11 PM on 12.11.2008


Studies have proven that you are all wanks. But enough about that, letís talk about something that could help you diminish your wankieness. Skulltag is an engine-port-mod thing for Doom. Iíve seen a fair few doom mods flyi...   read

4:02 PM on 12.05.2008

Trine Looks Different and Amazing

It does. Trine is a PSN exclusive from the look of it, which means tough luck for me. But I want to post this trailer because the kind of person who frequents Destructoid should like the look of it. Enjoy!   read

6:19 PM on 11.26.2008

Use Your Pain Pills

If Left 4 Dead had a soundtrack, that would be the title of the album. I will now provide an argument as to why you should put down your med kit and pop some pills instead. 1. 80% of pills go to waste Just think of those...   read

6:11 PM on 11.14.2008

The Valve Effect

Games, like life, cheese and Bill Bailey, are things that I will never really understand, but enjoy anyway while I make haphazard, self-centred guesses at why I love them. Well, not so much life. Right now, I am going to co...   read

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