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UglyDuck avatar 12:44 PM on 11.06.2008
I Think We're Forgetting Something

We've come a long way over the years, in all conceivable means; from technology to social networks, gaming have evolved. We are smarter, we are more discerning, we play whole new experiences and we hear fresh revelations every single day - we are also subjected to the some incredible toss, yet we are often rewarded for our loyalty with some mind-blowing moments. Despite this, there is still something that, on our passage through the world of gaming, has been allowed to slip our attention.

Maybe it happened because we grew (like we have in so many other aspects) - either growing tired of it or maybe actually growing to like it. Maybe it happened because we have been tricked into accepting it through persistence, maybe it was our collective, internet-wide attention span lasting no longer than a week - who knows. I expect that there are still a few out there who see the truth as it really is. For the rest of us however, I think all we can hope for is a brief rush of perspective, because unless you are conditioned to feel otherwise, it is probably too late. Still, maybe this will help you remember what we have come to forget.

"X-Box" is a fucking stupid name for a console.

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