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Beyond Good and Evil has been Greenlit after several months of delays and speculation.

It has had a rough ride. The original was released in Q4 of 2003 to massive critical acclaim and poor sales. If you haven't played it, go buy it on Steam, or go get it used for the Gamecube or PS2 (backwards compatibility) and you'll see what all the fuss is about.

Since this trailer debuted at Ubidays in May, the rumourmill has taken a slightly greenish tint with the volume of different nuggets of information that have been unearthed. Shortly after the Ubidays trailer, a community manager at the Ubi forums wrote this:

"I should say that the video is exactly all that has been officially released so far and there's nothing else we can say at this stage. No game, title, information, dates or anything else is yet available, announced or confirmed."

Now the game is greenlit, so we can all sit back and take a breath for the time being.

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