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Ubersuntzu's blog

5:13 PM on 03.01.2010

Fallout New Vegas details from U.S. PC Gamer, summarized

All info taken from the news blurb on the Fallout wiki Awesome Gameplay info: You can have 2-3 companions at once. (combined with the companion control menu, this should be the most advanced party system a Bethesda franchis...   read

4:33 AM on 01.25.2010

A Dark Prediction for Mass Effect 3 *ME2 spoilers*

What we already know of ME2 tells us that all the important decisions of ME1 don't have an impact on ME2. Whether you let Kaiden of Ashley live doesn't matter because after the opening act they'll be gone. Letting the council...   read

8:00 PM on 12.07.2009

Licensed Game Love: Jurassic Park

With the recent release of Avatar, I've been thinking about making a few blogs on all the licensed games I've played that really struck a chord with me, some of them even being my favorite games. There are a lot more than peo...   read

11:47 PM on 11.22.2009

Assassin's Creed II: Made for people that "didn't get" the original.

The sad part of this blog's title is that the people who truly didn't like the first game probably still won't be awed by this one, but it will be more accessible. The game is too finely polished for me to say it's a bad gam...   read

8:39 PM on 10.08.2009

Terrible To The Point Of Being Obscene: Fable II

The game has been out for about a year, so I've had a lot of time to ponder whether or not I should really be offended by this game, or if it's merely disappointing. I've finally decided that, yes, this game is so unnecessari...   read

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