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Uber Mashu
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Byte-sized: Halo Anniversary & Halo 4.

This commentary is designed to get me more involved with the Destructoid community and I'm hoping to make a regular feature of it. I have a tendency of posting a ma-ha-ssive project in here once every six months, to then fa...


Gamers Block.

To recap on events Iím sure youíre not privy to; *Cue sitcom style montage of events that have transpired in the last 6 months, full of pretty girls, pop culture references and the latest melodies now available on itunes. *...


Buyerís remorse.

Weíre all aware of what happens after we purchase a game we love. Weíll play them to exhaustion; search gamefaqs for every nook, cranny and surface you may have overlooked until you grow tired and exhausted, then attacking an...


About Uber Mashuone of us since 2:54 PM on 07.17.2008

Less an aspiring writer and more a dirty drafter, my best work sits inside 'My Documents' feeling sorry for itself. You should see my notepad, it's brilliant.

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(There you can read things I wrote here a year ago and say "Hey, now I remember him!")

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