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Ub3rSlug's blog

8:07 PM on 07.14.2008

E3 Impressions: Yeah! MS E3 Was Great! Let's turn on my Xbox to see what new content is available.... OH NOES RRoD. [Update 1: RAGE Warranty]

Not even shitting you. Just finished watching the e3 presentation and decided to see what new marketplace content was available. I turn on my 360, turn my T.V. to the right input and BAM, no signal. "That's weird" I remark to...   read

3:36 PM on 07.12.2008

Halo 3 FNF Recap: Down At McDonnelzz Edition

Seriously though, this was one of the best Halo 3 FNFs in a LONG TIME. The olde group got back together and played some bullshit games. Just like olde tymes. Things learned: -People expect you to have a gametype/map -If yo...   read

10:45 PM on 05.29.2008

LateNightLulzâ„¢: Gaybear and Ron teamup for epic music video. (NVGR FORGET)

Ever wonder what happened to GayBear? I think I found the answer. Him and our very own Ron Workman (and his Justin Timberlake love children) have come together for your musical listening enjoyment pleasure, GREAT YOB. I pres...   read

12:56 AM on 01.06.2008

Hey! Got a Wii? What's your 32443 digit friend code? (Plus some Questions)

Hey Destructoid. After playing some CoD4 with you guys, I got that insatiable urge that only Mario Kart can fix. When I went to my Wii to fire up some VC Mario Kart 64, I suddenly realized that I don't have any Dtoid buddi...   read

2:45 AM on 12.24.2007

LATENIGHTLULZ™: ADVENTURE TIME. Also known as: wait, wut?

THIS MAKES NO FUCKING SENSE. The tale of a 12 year old boy, a 28 year old dog, the Ice King, Lincoln and some Ninjas. - MATHMATICAL! oh that was totally math RHOMBUS! Anyone figure out how to download the internet with...   read

10:37 PM on 12.16.2007

LATENIGHTLULZ™: Get the power to move with the Acclaim Wireless NES controller!!1twelve!


4:47 PM on 12.16.2007

Rube Goldberg What? "Marble Maze" in Foundry Map.

Spoilers: It doesn't actually kill anyone at the end. I still need to get some more MS points to get the new maps and some more songs for Rock Band. (I can't wait to see my friend try and play "...and justice for all" o...   read

12:54 AM on 12.10.2007


Not much to say about this one, just funny. I've seen some pretty funny stuff happen like this. Might screen cap some more. PROTIP: Spam RRoD to win Xbox Dashboard Slayer Matches. (Upcoming LNL: Creepy older lemon lookalikes? In my Spanish? It's more common then you think!)   read

1:28 AM on 11.24.2007

What is Ub3rSlug listening too? - Ever play Phoenix Wright? Add these two albums to your winter wishlist.

Let me first say that I haven't played much of the Phoenix Wright games, but many of my friends have. I've heard a good portion of the soundtrack and know pretty much all the cases just by being around them. Now let's get on...   read

7:27 PM on 11.22.2007

LATENIGHTLULZ™: Father, 2 Year Old Daughter Combo beats me at Rock Band.

I think Dtoid now has a Rock Band challenge, against the internet infamous duo of notsubnoize and his 2 year old daughter. ROCK OUT! (But seriously, it looks like they had fun. I like how the little girl reacts to the intro movie.) (Also; Thanksgiving.)   read

2:49 AM on 11.18.2007


Rock Band comes out next Tuesday. I have the money, but no reserved copy. You guys think I'll be able to find a copy? I was thinking of heading down to the local EB to pre-order it, but then realized how retarded that would b...   read

2:44 PM on 11.12.2007

This one goes out to you Chad... (Dolphin-Rific DS Games)

DS game in Japan, titled I <3 Dolphin. Psst! It's DS ROM #1650 And Psst! It's DS ROM #1589 HEIL DOLPHIN!   read

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