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3:47 AM on 06.01.2007

Whos With Me??

Dont you think its time for a new River City Ransom game to show up for this generation. Seriously, like a Xbox Live version update of RCR or something? One of the most coveted, UNDERRATED, sidescroller brawlers that gave the word *barf* a whole new meaning and tossing your buddy into a gang of JOCKS.

Thanky for the pic,!   read

10:47 PM on 05.31.2007

You know what really grinds my gears? Also Cocks!

Losing the passion to play videogames. Ever since I finish high school 3 years ago, I steadily, steadily have lost interest just playing videogames. I have no idea why but the strange thing is that I always read Destructoid and other blogger sites, magazines, watching gameplay vids and always chat bout it with other blokes. Gaming is like air to me, WTF! When I have nothing to do besides reading Destructoid, I just look at my PS2 & 360 collect dust. Its like somebody put a curse on me that the most time I play with a game is a day or less. Has anybody had problem like this before or is just me??? LONG LIVE DESTRUCTOID!!!

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