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UMF Skibum 's blog
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Music Monday
Bob Ostertag's w00t
Versions - The Zelda Theme
The Advantage

Trailer Tuesday
Band Mashups
Black Mesa, Operation Black Mesa and Barney's Tales
Dig Dug

WTF Wednesday
Custom Pac-Man
Hand-Held DDR Pads
Chocolate Mii's
Portal: The Ultimate Feminist Game

Thirsty Thursday
Schneider Aventinus
Founder's Kentucky Breakfast Stout
Dogfish Head 60-Minute IPA
Alaskan Smoked Porter

My brother and I got a NES for Christmas back in the early 90s, right at the end of its life cycle. One of my most vivid gaming memories is playing Super Mario World at Service Merchandise back in the day. Since then I've had a SNES (my favorite system), a N64, a Gamecube, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, DS, Wii, Xbox and 360.

Outside of gaming, I am an obsessive skier and an amateur beer homebrewer. I live up in the state of Maine, although I did spend a short stint living in Juneau Alaska. My favorite types of humor are those shown by Seth Rogen, Mel Brooks, Mitch Hedberg and Michael Showalter. I am also one of those kids that loves comics enough to go to the comic shop every Wednesday to pick up a couple of books. I used to host a radio show and love music, particularly The Clash.

Other than that, I guess the usual info...
Gamertag - UMF Skibum
Flickr - Joshy_in_Juneau
Youtube - umfskibum
BeerAdvocate - umfskibum

I'd end with a popular meme but I don't want this to be horribly outdated in about 27 seconds.
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UMF Skibum
7:10 PM on 05.06.2008
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