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Happy 4th Birthday Destructoid

I'm not gonna say I was here from the beginning, because I wasn't, however the time I have spent here has been baller. I found out about Destructoid late 2008 and it has been my homepage or in a tab ever since. There's an air...


Can True Morality Ever Exist In Games?

It's widely known that as of late, morality in games has been a rigid, blunt, mechanic. It is often just used to give the player certain rewards or perks for playing in a certain way or sticking to a personality type. Some go...


Aerial Block: A Working Man's Podcast

Hello, destructoid's resident lurker and writer for Negative Gamer here. Basically me and a couple of members of a forum I frequent have started doing a podcast that is up to its third episode. The first episode was well rec...


Farcry 2: Meh

People slated Mirrors Edge because of its hard gameplay and combat system yet Farcry 2 is rated very highly among reviewers and gamers. Why? Farcry 2 is the most annoying game I've played of this generation, list will be...


Home: Everybody GET ON THE HYPE TRAIN!

Home is a good idea. It elaborated on the Nintendo Mii idea and decided to go one step further from customisable avatars and created a world for owners to mingle with their friends and play some simple minigames, eg. Pool. ...


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