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Hi there, I'm Tyrian3 from Italy and I'll write whatever comes to my mind about gaming. I'm a 25 year old guy, gamer since I was 5: I'm mainly a Nintendo games lover but I always look to every game with the same passion, then just play what best suits my gaming needs. I hope to offer you a different point of view, since I consider myself an experienced gamer with unusual tastes: I love Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil as well as Pokemon and Nintendogs. Is this strange? I don't know, but I hope you'll find my posts interesting. Thanks for reading and please comment my posts! Constructive criticism is always welcome! Friends are even more welcome :) PS: If all goes well I'll make my blog less ugly...have patience :P

Consoles owned: NES,SNES,PS2,N64,GBA,NDS,PSP,NGC,X360,Wii.

Favourite games of all time: Super Mario World, Super Mario Bros 3, Zelda ALttP, Resident Evil 4, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Metal Gear Solid, Command&Conquer Red Alert-Tiberian Sun, Civilization 2-Civilization 3, Phoenix Wright AA: Trials and Tribulations,Winning Eleven 6 Final Evolution, Metroid Prime,Quake, Tyrian, Grand Theft Auto (yes, the very first one, before you could do hookers and then kill them).

What I don't like: Halo, Gears of War, Final Fantasy X-2 (list will be updated)

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Here we go, finally part three! Sorry for the break (read my previous post for info) but with all these news coming out of Leipzig and the anticipation for the upcoming PAX I'm sure everyone has already lots of interesting stuff to read, yours truly included :)

Before going on, you can check part one and two in case you've missed them!

Well I hope to offer you a nice feature for a quick relaxing read between one big news and another. Today's game is something probably something few of you could expect, even if you could tell just from my nickname....that's right, I'm talking about

Number 1: TYRIAN

In the cosmic space a little spaceship travels alone...loaded with tons of weapons!

When the SNES days were coming to an end, it wasn't either the Nintendo 64 or the brand new Playstation that caught my attention, instead I got hooked to the PC, which offered me new experiences like Quake, Civilization II (man, how many days and nights I spent on it!) and a wealth of awesome 2D games like Earthworm Jim (waiting for the sequel!!) and this little gem of a shmup, Tyrian. The game featured great graphics for the time, clear, colourful and with a great level of polish and detail; the music by Alexander Brandon is still one of my favourites gaming soundtrack, in part for the nostalgia factor (I admit it!) but also because it fitted so well the athmosphere of the title. Both gfx and sound made it one of the best 2D games of 1995...no wonder it was published bu Epic Megagames, today known as Epic Games the creator of the Unreal Engine. A curiosity:on Tyrian's credits you can find the Mr. Mark Rein, currently Vice President of Epic, whom we all know from articles and interviews on gaming sites (Dtoid FTW!!).

The plot is set in the year 20.031 and you, Trent Hawkins, are a pilote whose job is to scout newly formed planets and check if they're habitable or not. Your next stop is planet Tyrian which (long story short) is the only planet to have a special mineral called Gravitium, so is the target of an evil mega corporation who wants to control this mineral and use it to create an unstoppable army.
The evil company is called "Microsol"...every reference to a real Redmond-based one is purely casual...LOL

The message of the game?Blast "Microsol" stuff!I guess Trent was a Sony fanboy =P

As for the gameplay, which is always the primary aspect, the game absolutely rocks! The controls are responsive and fully customizable via keyboard or mouse or gamepad; the action is crazy with an adjustable level of difficulty and game speed: in each level you'll face lots of enemies and even more bullets, you'll fight not only ships but also ground-based stations and other elements, like rocks, floating asteroids, bubbles and every kind of barriers trying to block you.And of course, giant bosses await you on each stage! Secret levels abound, and you'll have a hard time finding all of them hiding within a certain enemy or a particular spot (i.e. under a rock) of the planets.

What I like most is the upgrade/customization section: between each stage you can buy various weapons, upgrades and ship parts spending your hard-earned points/money you got kicking alien's butt around the cosmos. There are primary and secondary weapons, which often have two different firing modes you can change on the fly, plus left and right sidekicks to add different types of special firepower, shields to enhance your defense, a better generator to power up all this stuff (otherwise your power meter will run low and you won't be able to do pretty much anything)...hell, you can even buy new ships, with better resistance, speed and different appearance! With a good work of customization you can become nearly unstoppable...til you reach next chapter, that is.

Why it's on the list: it was one of the first pc games I played, and I still really love it. But mostly in this period of time when classic and new shmups find new life on XBLA, WiiWare and PSN I think Tyrian could really resurrect from the shadows of time and shine again. The frenetic action, the style and sound, everything is well suited for the year 2008 like it was for the 1995, maybe a "retro sequel" this time should allow just a better resolution to run smoothly on today's big monitors and TVs but aside from this just making new levels and a bigger parts shop would make a great new game. The original already featured several game modes like full story, arcade, various special arcade modes, an awesome two player mode where the two players could also combine their ships into one and even an online mode (there weren't many online games 13 years ago but Tyrian was one of them). Just retaining these and update the online section to meet today's standards would be more than enough.
You can experience Tyrian for free since it was released to the public, and can be found at theTyrian Page@WorldTreeGames, also you can find the open source code and build for several platforms (including Windows, NDS, PSP and Wii) here at the Open Tyrian page .

That's all for now, thanks for reading and see you soon on Dtoid!

Hi all, I just wanted to tell you that I'm back and I'll be writing new posts very soon. Sorry for the absence, which was due to personal stuff that took my time 100%, plus in the middle of August it's just normal to be more lazy than usual he he!
Luckily we got some very interesting stuff when it comes down to gaming, with lots of goodness from the Leipzig Game Convention: first of all I'm very happy that the German convention is growing and is becoming a more and more important spot on the gamers'radar, especially now that E3 is basically less than the shadow of the awesomeness festival it was just some years ago. It's great to see a European event growing this much, plus I really like Germany, the people is hard-working and nice and if there's someone able to pull off a great gaming event it's them and they're showing it to everyone.

About the stuff that got announced or detailed, it's nice to see that the Wii still has some "hardcore" stuff coming, despite we all feared hardcore to be doomed on Nintendo platforms after their poor (to say the least) E3. Oh, by the way, Nintendo itself told us they were disappointed by their own show...it's a bit odd because they are the ones who chose what to talk about on stage and everything but hey, at least they seem to have realized what's going on. It would've been terrible if they had declared to be satisfied with their past E3.
Anyway this whole "hardkorez are teh d00med on Nint3nd0!1!ELEVEN!!" thing reminds me of the other "Nint3nd0 iz teh d00med" thing back in the Gamecube era and I think it'll end pretty much the same way.

As for the games, Madworld looks better and better. I'm usually not a fan of violence, at least not of violence for its own sake, and the gore in Madworld is so over the top and detached from the real world perspective that not only are ok with me but look incredibly funny, with that black and white, comic-like style.
Sega and Headstrong (formerly named Kuju, the guys who developed the "meh" battallion wars) are giving us another reason to hate and kill zombies with House of the Dead: Overkill.
If you haven't seen the trailer, go watch it now! That b-movie athmosphere really made me smile and even if lightgun-like games aren't exactly my cup of tea it's definitely something to keep an eye on.
Finally I wanted to name a newly announced game named Cursed Mountain...despite being apparently not to far in development the concept looks amazing and if the developers put some good effort into this project we might get a creepy, deep and fun adventure game on our white little box named Wii.

Before I go I want to spend a quick word about the supposedly real and supposedly leaked "footage" of the supposedly not-vaporware Sadness by the Polish supposedly-developers Nibris: guys, the gaming world doesn't take you seriously and you can't blame them (me included I think). When someone needs to use so many time the word "supposedly" in a sentence referring to you it means you did something wrong. At this point show your cards, either demonstrate once and for all you are a real developer working on a real game or just tell us it was all a big joke and we'll laugh together and forget about the incindent.

I'm out now, see you tomorrow with the third part of the "games I'd like to see pull a megaman 9" articles. I'm really enjoying writing those and I'm glad to see you like reading them too.


I was thinking about some of the games I'm missing having just one console (the Wii). You see, even though I'm still ok with having just the white box of joy, I'm always open to eventually buy another platform if I feel it's the case. So what am I missing on the Wii? One of the games I'd like to have is a good racing simulator like Gran Turismo or Forza Motorsport, and looking back I wonder: why have Nintendo platforms been always lacking those kind of games?
Because it's not just the Wii, Nintendo home consoles in general seem to rely only on Mario Kart as a racing game, plus some arcade games from third parties which usually aren't that good either. Ok, Mario Kart Wii has been a tremendous success with more than 6 million copies sold thus far, but I'm not a fan of Mario Kart! I like playing it every now and then on my DS, and I think that's a well developed game, but I haven't even bothered trying the Wii version. That "more of the same" feeling added to my indifference towards online gaming keeps me from doing that.
Anyway that game isn't anything like a realistic racing sim.

What else do we have? There are several other "racing" titles on the platform, like GT Pro series, Excite Truck, Need for Speed Carbon and Pro Street: again, no GT or Forza counterpart here. And if you're thinking "wait a minute, Gt Pro series is a sim, it like totally has tuningz and all that stuff": well, good sir, I can't help but say that the game sucks and you suck too.

Oh, I forgot to add an historical game: CRUIS'N! The game that made the N64 look good again, and redefined the concept of "ugly" and "worthless".

Wow, nice graphics! Take that PSX! You envious? Of course you are! Oh wait, that's not N64? F*CK!

The Gamecube library wasn't that richer in this particular genre too, with no honourable mentions in the category. Auto Modellista by Capcom and the Japan-Only GT Cube were nice attempts, but in the end they failed to delivery a solid and deep racing experience like other titles on other platforms.

So what has changed over the years? Have Nintendo consoles got something better to fill this hole?







It's probably part of the bigger problems that Nintendo has had for years, for example with third party support: first because of the GC failure and now because for their own admission devs weren't betting a cent on the Wii and some of them aren't too willing to work for the platform even now that it's the no.1 worldwide and in each territory. Of course as we all know Nintendo has never been interested in developing these kind of games, now less than ever with their focus completely put on the casual gamer.
But in the end it's odd to see that this particular genre has always been something missing on the Nintendo side and I'd really like to know why racing simulators in particular tend to not appear on Nintendo consoles, at least in a good form.

So, what do you think, Dtoiders, what's keeping Nintendo and racing games apart? What kind of racing game would you like to see on Wii and how would you use the controls?
Or are you good with just Mario Kart? Let me know what your point of view is.

Hi Dtoiders, welcome back for part two of my own list of games I'd love to see getting a sequel in their classic old style. First of all, I wanted to thank all the people who read and commented part one, I got a great response and I hope you keep enjoying this!
Of course, don't forget that the opinions stated here are mine and I'm sure some of you will disagree but that's cool and you know you can always write your own views and share it with us all.

ok, now we're all set to go on with...


Weapons come in handy in many occasions. C'mon,you Andre the Giant look-alike!

Back in the day, the whole sidescrolling beat 'em up genre was kicking and there were lots of fantastic titles to enjoy, like Knights of the Round, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs and many more. But Final Fight really stands up as the classic, the one that brought this genre one step forward Double Dragon and introduced us to all the great arcade titles that dominated in the early 90s. The plot revolves around a kidnapped girl (oh, how original!)named Jessica and three men: first is Cody, Jessica's boyfriend, then we have Guy who's a ninja and a friend of Cody's and suspiciously agrees to go fight the bad guys to save his friend's fiancee...I smell some three-way romance complications here! Finally we have Haggar the Mayor of Metro City. Lame you say? Well, maybe you're thinking about today's politicians: Haggar is a former pro-wrestler, big, muscular, powerful and since Jessica is his daughter he is also really pissed off!
You can play as one of these three guys and you'll start from the streets of Metro City with the best investigation method there is: kick ass and take names! Beside the basic actions, like walk, jump and attack, there are some nice special attacks you can unleash pressing both buttons together at the same time but be careful as they take some of your energy away. Each carachter has his own moves and there are some very nice ones, like Haggar's piledriver, which are really powerful and fun to perform.

Here's a little treat for you: with all the fuss going on about Mr. Destructoid being removed from some game, I envisioned him in a Final Fight "retro sequel". Please note that it's just a quick copy and paste made by a guy who barely knows the basics of Photoshop, so no complaints!

Mr. Destructoid is in a great game!And he seems quite happy too!

Why it's on the list: the whole genre is now practically gone sadly, but I still love these kind of games. Final Fight would be a great choice for a retro sequel with enhanced gameplay techniques, more stages and (something every old title would need) a decent save system. Weapons and movesets should be improved too and I'd like to see more interaction with the environment: why just smash barrels when you could grab a guy and slam him on that door on the baground, breaking it - and probably him too - ? Capcom production studio 8 tried to make a sequel in 2007 (2006 in the US) named Final Fight Streetwise for Xbox and PS2 but they made it in 3D and, as you may guess, it sucks! They should know by now that the transition from 2D to 3D isn't easy and sometimes it just doesn't work. So this time do it Capcom, and do it the right way!

I started gaming in the arcades nearly 20 years ago. Since I was very young I played one of the first forms of what is today called "co-op": playing Space Invaders with my cousin, she moved the ship and I operated the weapons :) When I got my NES a love story was begun: being able to play right in front of my tv without having to shell out coin after coin was like a dream coming true to me at that time. And did I mention Super Mario Bros.? Man, that was incredible! And what's even more incredible is the joy I felt when I got the Super NES, which took this affair to the next level. Street Fighter II, Final Fantasy...all in your very house? F-YEAH! If you were gaming in those days, you know what I mean :) By the way, do you remember what was on PC at that time? Alone in the dark wasn't the half-assed attempt to a great game that it is today, Quake was rocking and Duke Nukem wasn't waiting "forever" to kick the next alien arse (man, he was't waiting at all, he was in the middle of the action!).

So now that Megaman 9 is taking the blue bomber back to his roots, here's a list of the three games I'd like to see revisited in their "classic" style in a whole new game.

Ready? Insert the Konami code for 30 lives and hit start!

Number 3: FAXANADU

Who said NES was colourful?This game is gothic and hardcore!

A sidescroller action-rpg released on the NES in 1990 in Europe (1989 in the US). You are a traveler with no name who comes back to Eolis, his hometown, just to find it in ruins and full of monsters. What do you do?

a) cry like a little baby and run (you whiny pussy)
b) enter abandoned houses, steal items and rape women (you sick bastard)
c) start kicking some monster ass

Way to go, my friend, you chose c! Well, at least I hope so. If you chose b, cops should be at your front and backdoor by now. ;-)

Anyway our traveler goes for option c, and that means going to the King who tells him what happened: Dwarves and Elves were living together peacefully until a meteorite fell from the sky. From it the Evil One reached the land and turned all Dwarves into monsters, making them start a war with Elves against their own will. So you're asked to go on another journey, this time not for pleasure but for getting rid of said monsters and restore peace again. The story, while pretty simple by today's standards, is full of references to legends, mythology and religion: the Wolrd Tree, Elves and Dwarves, Evil coming from outer space and the "mantra" codes given you by Gurus are just few examples. During your trip you will climb ladders, fight with your sword and magic spells, collect money to buy new items in shops, talk with NPCs populating towns, make your way through dungeons with creepy names (Town of Suffer...should I really add anything?), retrieve legendary items, fly through the sky with winged boots to find a lost city and make magical fountains spring again...this game has them all! It's a wonderful adventure full of those nice touches we all love...for example the various stages of the World Tree were built to reflect the part of the tree they represented: first the roots, with fungi-greenish platforms, then the interior of the trunk, where the air is poisoned by a deadly mist and finally the branches spreading through the cloudy sky.

The last fight with the Evil One in its dark glory. Pretty evil, isn't it?!

Why it's on the list: the game was a wonderful mix of platforming, sidescroller fighting, rpg and exploring. The atmosphere was dark and moody, and the 8-bit graphics enhanced the sense of darkness and mistery of the fantasy World the game is played in, helped by the haunting background music. There were many interesting ideas but sometimes they weren't developed enough into gameplay elements, i.e. many dungeons are just too short and simplistic, as is the quest for retrieving the magical artifacts in the World Tree, and the "rank" system was a quite primitive form of levelling up. A new Faxanadu made with those flaws ironed out, with more depth and still retaining the awesome classic style would be a fantastic gaming experience, reaching what the original title wasn't able to achieve!

We are. Let's admit it.
I was thinking about this the other day, now I've found this article over the UK ONM Blog (LINK) and I just felt like posting what I though about this whole situation.
After E3, like all of you, I was disappointed. I even wrote about that and you can check my older posts to read what I thought, but you know what? After realizing that my disappontment was the result of my stupid high hopes for the Nintendo show I relaxed, looked at what's coming from the third parties (The Conduit and Madworld just to name the two I always have in mind) and most of all I looked back at what I received in the last two years on Wii and DS.
That is probably something not everyone has done yet, and the author of that ONM article sums up what Nintendo gave us:

" A new 3D Mario game (Super Mario Galaxy)
A new side-scrolling Mario game (New Super Mario Bros)
A new Paper Mario game (Super Paper Mario)
A new Mario Kart game (Mario Kart Wii)
A new 3D Zelda game (Twilight Princess)
A new handheld Zelda game (Phantom Hourglass)
A new Metroid game (Metroid Prime 3)
A new StarFox game (StarFox Command)
A new Smash Bros game (Super Smash Bros Brawl)
A new Pokémon game (Pokémon Diamond/Pearl)
A Pokémon Ranger game, with another on the way
A new Kirby game (Kirby Mouse Attack)
A new Yoshi's Island (Yoshi's Island DS)
A new Advance Wars (Advance Wars: Days Of Ruin)
A new Fire Emblem (Radiant Dawn)
Two new Mario sports games (Mario Strikers Charged Football, Mario Slam Basketball)"

Those are just first party titles, and even if you didn't like every entry of that list you can't deny it is a heck of a lot of content. Basically every Nintendo franchise is there and we had this "core" stuff in a pretty short period of time especially considering what appeared on the Wii in less than two years. If you add that there were awesome third party games for both the Wii and DS, because thank God there's not just shovelware on Wii and DS, and you have something that probably has never been done before on a home console - on the Wii side - and something that is boosting the DS to be one of - if not the - most successful console of all time period. So probably we've become like spoiled little brats, always looking for the next thing, forgetting about what was new and exciting just not too long ago. Whilst looking forward is a good thing, one should never forget what happened before.
I include myself in the spoiled brats category and now that I realized I am there I'll try to get out and look at things in a different way. Hell, if no games would come out for the next year I'd have my hands full of titles I haven't beat or even started yet, on Wii, DS, PSP and PC. I have no problems for this holiday season, the end of the fiscal year and well beyond. And since we know for a fact the so-called "core" (or better "traditional") games are being developed for the Nintendo platforms I think I'll have no problem for my gaming needs without having to buy a new console. Because I don't want to be a spoiled brat anymore, hence I don't whine to have the new toy but I enjoy the ones I have, spend more time with the ones I couldn't spend too much time with and while I do that the new toys will come out anyway. But I'll have saved myself the months of speculation, rants and painful, painful waiting.