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Tyrian3 avatar 4:37 AM on 08.28.2008  (server time)
To Disaster day of Crisis: please, hang on!

Everyone here knows Disaster day of Crisis for the Nintendo Wii. It was one of the very first titles not only announced but even shown at E3 2006 when we got to see the first games footage for the just renamed Wii platform. Well here we are more than two years later, still waiting for it. Worse, we are wondering if it will ever make its way to the shelves. Yes because in these two years Disaster's status was never in doubt, we were sure it was coming and we knew there was already a confirmed Japanese date.
Then what?
Out of nowhere, a tragedy hits asia and apparently Nintendo thinks it's not appropriate to release a date about natural disasters when a real natural disaster has caused so much pain and suffering in a place near you. Ok, that's fine, I mean I can totally in the West we're still removing the Hitler face from Bionic Commando 60 years after the World War II so we should know a thing or two about being respectful of tragedies.
So ok, the game's released is pushed back due to the timing not being right, fair enough, we'll probably learn more about the game, and in particular about its western release, at the upcoming E3 which by the way it's going to be AWESOME!!


We all know what happened there. And of course no Disaster info whatsoever.

The game is unofficially in a limbo and people say it's been canned, Project H.A.M.M.E.R. style.
By the way, I think that game was canned because it was a pain to write, with the capitals and especially friggin' dots. Anyway, we're now sure that work on Disaster has stopped and it's uncertain if it's just a temporary pause or the kind of temporary break you have with your girlfriend when you realize you have some important issues to solve (which obviously means "it's over and she's been in another guy's bed for two months already). We all fear the latter.

Now our friends down under give us a little hope, with their (stupid) board of games classification being request a rating for Disaster by Nintendo themselves. Way to go, Aussies!
Then we had an official confirmation that the game is "still in development". Oh joy!
Since then, rumours are floating around, and now there's one particularly strong suggesting that not only Disaster is coming soon, but it will hit Europe on 24th October of this year.
Source: our friends at GoNintendo

I, for one, am really skeptical about this. After all that happened, it would be strange to see a game we know so few about coming this soon. I know Nintendo's strategy now is to hype games just a couple of months before their release but, c'mon what we have known about disaster is all in those 5-6 seconds of footage shown two years ago.

How do you feel about it, Dtoid? Do you think this would be a sign Nintendo is still thinking about the hardcore (unless Disaster has puppies minigamez in it), or you simply don't care anymore at this point?
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