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Tyrian3 avatar 4:59 AM on 08.25.2008  (server time)
3 games I'd love to see "pull a Megaman 9" - part three

Here we go, finally part three! Sorry for the break (read my previous post for info) but with all these news coming out of Leipzig and the anticipation for the upcoming PAX I'm sure everyone has already lots of interesting stuff to read, yours truly included :)

Before going on, you can check part one and two in case you've missed them!

Well I hope to offer you a nice feature for a quick relaxing read between one big news and another. Today's game is something probably something few of you could expect, even if you could tell just from my nickname....that's right, I'm talking about

Number 1: TYRIAN

In the cosmic space a little spaceship travels alone...loaded with tons of weapons!

When the SNES days were coming to an end, it wasn't either the Nintendo 64 or the brand new Playstation that caught my attention, instead I got hooked to the PC, which offered me new experiences like Quake, Civilization II (man, how many days and nights I spent on it!) and a wealth of awesome 2D games like Earthworm Jim (waiting for the sequel!!) and this little gem of a shmup, Tyrian. The game featured great graphics for the time, clear, colourful and with a great level of polish and detail; the music by Alexander Brandon is still one of my favourites gaming soundtrack, in part for the nostalgia factor (I admit it!) but also because it fitted so well the athmosphere of the title. Both gfx and sound made it one of the best 2D games of wonder it was published bu Epic Megagames, today known as Epic Games the creator of the Unreal Engine. A curiosity:on Tyrian's credits you can find the Mr. Mark Rein, currently Vice President of Epic, whom we all know from articles and interviews on gaming sites (Dtoid FTW!!).

The plot is set in the year 20.031 and you, Trent Hawkins, are a pilote whose job is to scout newly formed planets and check if they're habitable or not. Your next stop is planet Tyrian which (long story short) is the only planet to have a special mineral called Gravitium, so is the target of an evil mega corporation who wants to control this mineral and use it to create an unstoppable army.
The evil company is called "Microsol"...every reference to a real Redmond-based one is purely casual...LOL

The message of the game?Blast "Microsol" stuff!I guess Trent was a Sony fanboy =P

As for the gameplay, which is always the primary aspect, the game absolutely rocks! The controls are responsive and fully customizable via keyboard or mouse or gamepad; the action is crazy with an adjustable level of difficulty and game speed: in each level you'll face lots of enemies and even more bullets, you'll fight not only ships but also ground-based stations and other elements, like rocks, floating asteroids, bubbles and every kind of barriers trying to block you.And of course, giant bosses await you on each stage! Secret levels abound, and you'll have a hard time finding all of them hiding within a certain enemy or a particular spot (i.e. under a rock) of the planets.

What I like most is the upgrade/customization section: between each stage you can buy various weapons, upgrades and ship parts spending your hard-earned points/money you got kicking alien's butt around the cosmos. There are primary and secondary weapons, which often have two different firing modes you can change on the fly, plus left and right sidekicks to add different types of special firepower, shields to enhance your defense, a better generator to power up all this stuff (otherwise your power meter will run low and you won't be able to do pretty much anything)...hell, you can even buy new ships, with better resistance, speed and different appearance! With a good work of customization you can become nearly unstoppable...til you reach next chapter, that is.

Why it's on the list: it was one of the first pc games I played, and I still really love it. But mostly in this period of time when classic and new shmups find new life on XBLA, WiiWare and PSN I think Tyrian could really resurrect from the shadows of time and shine again. The frenetic action, the style and sound, everything is well suited for the year 2008 like it was for the 1995, maybe a "retro sequel" this time should allow just a better resolution to run smoothly on today's big monitors and TVs but aside from this just making new levels and a bigger parts shop would make a great new game. The original already featured several game modes like full story, arcade, various special arcade modes, an awesome two player mode where the two players could also combine their ships into one and even an online mode (there weren't many online games 13 years ago but Tyrian was one of them). Just retaining these and update the online section to meet today's standards would be more than enough.
You can experience Tyrian for free since it was released to the public, and can be found at theTyrian Page@WorldTreeGames, also you can find the open source code and build for several platforms (including Windows, NDS, PSP and Wii) here at the Open Tyrian page .

That's all for now, thanks for reading and see you soon on Dtoid!

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