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Tyler805's blog

12:55 AM on 10.14.2009

Dear Destructoid, I humbly offer you this Twitter Page Background

Keeping it short. Check it out the whole enchilada HERE What do you think? Sort of beats this:   read

11:34 AM on 11.06.2008

Mirror's Edge Flips Enemies the Bird

There I was trying to beat some of those impossible time trials on the Mirror’s Edge demo, and I was getting properly frustrated. After about 20 minutes of trying to perfect a line through the game I just started to jump of...   read

12:38 PM on 06.25.2008

Constructable Evironments - How PC Gaming is Not Dead

Many people lately have been decrying the validity of PC based gaming, which is easy to do when compared to the rise in console game popularity, AAA title production prices and the push for many companies to become "Casual G...   read

2:08 PM on 06.20.2008

New King of Games Shirts: Kid Icarus FTW!

King of Games is hands down the best video games apparel resource in the world. They are the only line of clothing that I can think of that actually blends style and games enthusiasm in to a perfect mixture of chic yet hard...   read

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