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Tyler Jones avatar 7:23 PM on 02.01.2010  (server time)
The Nerd Cave.

I've seen some pretty cool game rooms put up on Dtoid in the past, and now I think it's time I made my contribution. Let's start at my desk and go clockwise around my room.

Here's my computer desk, where I spend a great deal of time. Got the browser open to Destructoid, of course. I check the site pretty compulsively, along with Tomopop. There are also Cthulhu and mini Cthulhu plushies watching over my room on top of my CDs (lots of metal and video game covers), and those darkstalkers figures below them are my two favorite figures that I own.

That Fightstick is one of the best things I've ever bought. I posted another c-blog a while back asking which one I should get a while ago and settled on a MadCatz TE Fightstick Round 2, thanks to RAB and other users. It's pretty much been glued to my hands since arriving; using it has injected so much extra fun into my games.

There are lots of other things to be seen, including my Cutman plush that I made, a ninja sunshine buddy, and some computer games, but it's time to move on.

VIDEOGAMES. Out of all of these, the 360 gets the most playtime being my only modern console, but I use the PS2 and SNES pretty often as well.

I recently completed the Genesis tower on the lower level, so I've been putting time in on that recently. I'm really glad to have it, because for much of my childhood I was a Nintendo-only kid, infinitely jealous of my classmates who could play Sonic the Hedgehog, with whom I was obsessed at the time. At MAGfest I got a great deal from a vendor, who sold me a big cardboard box containing two model 2 Genesis consoles, one attached to a Sega CD, one Genesis 3 console, three games, two controllers, and assorted cords. There turned out to be no power cord for the CD, so I had to order one on eBay. It was a pretty cool deal, though.

Also, that 32X was in dire condition when I found it (with no cords) at a different used game store, so the guy gave it to me for free. After rigorous cleaning and ordering power and connecting cables, I was very pleased to find that it worked! I'm still waiting on a power cord for the Sega CD, it's still untested.

The SNES is my favorite older console and I recently modified it to play import games. Sadly, most of the Super Famicom games I had gotten turned out to be really awful, but now the possibility is there to play better ones.

I love my Dreamcast, but could use a few more games for it. Gunbird 2 rocks, though.


More figures on this shelf. I'm really proud of my Vic Viper T-301 on the top shelf in the center. The R-9 and Silver Hawk are pretty cool, and I have a few more ships from that series of figures, but I already wrote about that on Tomopop.

The figures on the bottom and middle shelf I'm trying to get rid of. They're either bent or uninteresting to me.

Leaning against the shelf is a stack of games and DVDs in progress or in my queue.

Chilling on the bed and watching movies is pretty sweet. Oh, and I sleep here.

My bookshelf, nice and organized. The bulk of my figure collection rests on top, but they've already been covered on Tomopop. Some more amigurumi plushies live here.

Not too much interesting in the dresser, but my DS and PSP stuff live on top along wit some Kirbys, figures, and my VGcats Leo.

And here's the walk-in closet, the cave-within-a-cave. My Rock Band peripherals are stored here, along with the extra furniture that came in the apartment, and some more odds and ends. Nothing else terribly important.

So I hope you like my place. Stay tuned in the future and I may do more articles from the Nerd Cave.

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