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Tyler Jones avatar 10:42 AM on 07.05.2009  (server time)
Review: Kamen no Maid Guy: Boyoyon Battle Royale (PSP)

The word "Boyoyon" in the title is the sound effect for bouncing breasts. Do I have your attention?

Kamen no Maid Guy is an extremely entertaining anime about two maid/bodyguards Kogarashi (top) and Fubuki (bottom left) assigned to protect two heirs to a great fortune, Naeka (center) and Kosuke Fujiwara (not pictured), from those who would steal their inheritance. Naeka is a busty high school girl and kendo star, and Fujiwara is an overweight otaku.

The problem is that Naeka doesn't want any bodyguards intruding on her life, and Kogarashi is a masked, giant, dagger-toothed, musclebound, superpowered social imbecile. Fubuki (bottom left), the other maid carries a nail studded bat along with the title "Maid Guy Tamer." Hilarity ensues.

Rivals eventually appear in the form of Elizabeth K. Strawberryfield (right), a wealthy child prodigy transfer student at Naeka's school, and her own to maid/ninjas Shizuka and Tsurara (bottom right). Apparently Naeka's eternally youthful grandmother Arashi (top left) the maid master figures in somewhere later.

I only saw the first two episodes, but the show endeared itself to me enough to make me shell out the money for an import special edition game for a handheld that I didn't even own at the time. It was worth it, as it came with a maid guy badge, a t-shirt depicting Kogarashi, and the fine PSP strap that I mentioned in my last article.

Play is divided into three main parts: Adventure, Battle, and Mini Game.

Adventure is pretty self explanatory. Characters talk, and I skip due to the moonspeak. The real draw of this is the Super Tayunism Engine, essentially meaning that the breasts of the female characters bounce a lot while they talk. You can even adjust the affect up or down in the settings.

After a while characters figure out a reason to fight, and battle mode starts. It tries to be a pretty simple fighting engine, and succeeds a little too well.

Liz about to get hit with an octopus thrown by Kogarashi. Naeka watches from the background.

All you can really do is attack, jump, and grab and throw items. Each stage has two planes, like Top Hunter, and parts of the rear plane are dangerous and explode if you land on them. In the background will be another character who throws items and maid guy badges onto the play area. Items mostly fall into the category of thrown objects or melee weapons, and hitting with any item rewards you with a close up anime graphic of your opponent reacting to whatever item hits them. This is made more interesting with the addition of items like breast enhancement potions, signs that change your opponent's clothing into a swimuit, octopi with naughty tentacles, crows, and onsen signs. Yes, this is a total fanservice game. Aside from the image, most items have the same basic effect of dizzying the opponent for a few seconds so you can get in a few good hits. You also don't have health; instead you battle to collect the maid guy badges and try to beat the badges out of your opponent. First to ten initiates a mini game.

There are three mini games, and success means you defeat your opponent and move on. Failure returns you to the battle until someone wins. There are three mini games when you win the battle, and one different one if you lose. If your opponent gets 10 badges first, you must fight an RPG battle with an alternate fantasy version of your characters. I can't understand what all the battle options are, but I think the gist is that it's an argument or shouting match and you need to find the right choice that makes your opponent go away before they deal too much damage to you. It basically comes down to luck for me. If they win, it's game over. If you win, your opponent retreats and you fight another battle.

There are also three different games for when you win the battle. In one, your opponent is tied up and hanging from the ceiling, and you need to feed them as much of Neaka's nasty cooking as possibly in the allotted time. The second game has you shrunk down to a tiny size, and you're climbing all over your opponent's body using a spray bottle of disinfectant to kill germs swarming over her. The last one has you choosing locations throughout town to attempt to take an embarassing picture of your opponent. I don't care for the last one because it just comes down to luck, and failure earns you a pretty terrifying picture of a dude in his underwear.

So overall it's an amusing game based on an awesome show. It of course has the staples of other ecchi games in that there's a gallery that you can go to to view all the naughty images that you've encountered in the game, but there's nothing pornographic, and I don't think there's ever any actual nudity. But man, some crazy stuff happens.

I shouldn't need to tell you whether or not to look into this game. After this long rambling review, you should have a pretty good idea if this kind of game is up your alley.

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