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Tyler Berg
1:00 PM on 09.26.2011

Hey kids. So I don't know if anyone will even see this blog, but I feel I have to say something on the topic of online passes that was brought up in Jim Sterling's recent article and Jimquisition video.

I fully agree with him on the idea that online passes are both bullshit and destructive to the industry as well. And it seems to me the only way it's going to change is if...well...people STOP BUYING THOSE GAMES. I suppose that would be hard for someone such as a professional game journalist to do, but for myself as a consumer, I hereby vow to not purchase any game that comes with a stupid, conniving, hideous, grotesque bullshit online pass.

To be honest I'm not sure if anyone else feels this way, but damn it, some one has to back up their words with a little action. Or in this case, inaction. The only way publishers and developers are going to change their practices is if gamers actually do something about it. Not that a random gamer alone is going to have any impact whatsoever, but as I said, somebody has stop giving money to this idiotic practice.

One man boycott of online pass games, go!

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