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I am Tyler a nobody in this world just another normal person I wake up every day take a shower, brush my teeth, get dress, go to work, come home and play video games or hang out with people I have been playing video games since I was 2 and has always loved them and will till the day I die.
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Before reading I want to say this my first review It may be crappy so bare with me hopefully I get better.

When you hear the name Dead Or Alive what do you think of? The 1980's new wave band? Or Big breasted anime girls wearing skimpy clothing while fighting?

Ok yes that is still in the game. people seem to think of the game as just that they are missing the true nature of the game which is fighting! Dead or Alive 5 is great with very fast fighting and easy combos.

The game uses a triangle fighting system you got the punches, kicks, grabs, blocks and counters just about any attack can be countered it does take some time to learn the counters and getting the timing right but after you get that down you are ready to go. Within the game they have hazards that do extra damage and look really cool also changing what part of the level you're at for example kicking someone off water fall adds a river with a giant snake on a tree.The graphics are amazing It's a huge step up from DOA4

they added a new feature that has not been in a fighting game the more you fight you will see sweat and dirt running down the fighters face and body

The story is like any other DOA if you played the others it's kind of hard to follow the story mode it does play like a big tutorial it starts very easy and gets hard down to the end. It has a lot of other modes such as arcade, vs, survival, time attack and online.You can unlock titles by playing as different fighters, doing so many counters or completing challenges and it has plenty of titles over 500. The online mode is like any other fighter you got ranked or non ranked matches with single or tag battles.The online is great it will have it's lag at times but I haven't really notice it besides once or twice. the game Features a replay mode where you save a replay share it or even take pictures of those crazy epic moments.

It might not have the Tekken sized Roster of fighters but It still has plenty, the game also features 3 guest fighters from Virtua Fighter Akira Yuki, Pai Chan and Sarah Bryant and they fit so well in the game like they belong. I'm a huge fan of the DOA games this one might be the best. even if you aren't a fan of DOA or never played one trust me this game is very fun just try it once and you will love it the game was made for anybody can pick up and play.

I give this game a 9.0/10

Thank you for reading my first review I may have not covered every little small thing in the game but I tried my best.